Is this racism?

Now my experience of “the question” is laid bare in the data: within the last month alone, one in five BAME people has had someone assume they aren’t British on the basis of their ethnicity.

The BAME content of the population has changed in the last generation. Cultures take time to change.

And, well, what actually is the percentage of BAME population that isn’t native born? It’s possible that it’s 20% or more isn’t it? Note, percentage of BAME, not percentage of total population.

50 thoughts on “Is this racism?”

  1. These are called faux pas. No-one’s born with innate knowledge. It’s another cricket pitch away from insisting you can’t be British because xyz.

  2. “It can’t diagnose how many of our relationships crumble because a partner is too broken and angered by racism to be able to love, or how many of us lose our sense of identity under the burden of racism, allowing it to engulf and overwhelm us.”

    It’s clearly so terrible, being here, that it’s a wonder the queues in the departure lounge at Heathrow aren’t 16-deep.

  3. “It can’t quantify the psychological strain of feeling invisible, overlooked or treated with disdain; of feeling – in the mantra many of us know so well – like you have to do twice as much to succeed.”

    -um that is indeed a mantra this sciency survey doesn’t quantify. I’d say if it’s just as likely to be a demotivator to a lot than it is to be a motivator for a few. So what science can be done to establish if say successful BAME authors and columnists have done twice as much to achieve than non BAME peers? You know to confirm or dispel whether this “mantra” should continue to be taught.

  4. Elsewhere in the survey;

    “…the data reveals that 43% of BAME people feel that they been overlooked for a job or promotion in a manner that felt unfair in the past five years, more than double the proportion of white British people.”

    Which might mean racism.

    Or, since people often look for excuses when they fail….

  5. Of course it’s not fucking racism.

    Racism is refusing to let you children play with other children because they have a different skin colour, refusing to employ somebody because.. verbally or physically abusing somebody because..not allowing somebidy into your pub because…refusing to investigate a crime against you because…not renting them an apartment because…

    and of course it has to be solely because of skin colour. Rational concerns such as not letting your little girl anywhere near paki taxi drivers in Rotheram for example is not recism or not letting your flat to an obvious drug dealer or gang member is not racism. It is using your brain.

    We all know what it is and what it isn’t ( and as Tim has pointed out so many times there is remarkably little of it in the UK nowadays) these CM scum are twisting the langauge to suit their own agenda.

    But I think decent people all over are starting to get fed up the whole fucking business.

  6. “…one in five BAME people has had someone assume they aren’t British on the basis of their ethnicity.”

    80% of BAME people have never had someone assume they might not be British on the basis of their ethnicity.

    Which when you think about it is amazing.

    The default position of the majority of people is to assume that because you are in Britain, you are British. Or at the very least not to jump to an incorrect (albeit understandable) conclusion.

    Thinking about how many encounters the average person has, 80% of BAME people have not met someone who has defaulted the other way.

    Which probably makes the UK the most relaxed unassuming place on earth as regards people’s origin.

  7. We’ supposed to celebrate multiculturalism, to not insist on assimilation but yet can’t be curious about the vibrant background?

  8. “within the last month alone, one in five BAME people has had someone assume they aren’t British on the basis of their ethnicity.”

    So fucking what?

    A much better faux pas would be to say–every time some twat tells you of their support for leftism– “Oh you’re a cunt who supports mass murder and tyranny”

  9. In other news on racism:

    Women and people of colour are significantly less likely than white men to pass UK practical driving tests, according to data analysed by the Guardian.

    Figures released by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (DVSA) after a freedom of information request show black women had the lowest pass rates (32%) and white men the highest (56%). The figures, covering 2008-17, also show all women had a pass rate of 43% and all men 50%.

    Women’s groups and racial equality charities said the figures, revealed as part of the Guardian’s Bias in Britain series, were “depressing” and showed that women from black and minority ethnic groups were victims of racist bias.

    “We know from our work in other areas of British life that BME women tend to do poorest, whether it’s in terms of employment or progress through promotion,” said Jabeer Butt, the chief executive of the Race Equality Foundation. “We are now seeing that replicated in driving.

    Butt said the figures showed “racism at play”.

    “Even when a driving test should be an objective test, it’s clear that subjective rules are being applied.”

  10. According to wikipedia there were 6.3m Asian and Black people in Britain in 2011. If you go through the list of countries where people living in Britain were born you get around 3.3m born in African or Asian nations. So nearly half of Britain’s non-white population was born overseas.

    White Britons underestimate the foreign origins of their BAME neighbours.

    As Tim often says, White British people are the least racist people on the planet.

    Far too tolerant for our own good.

  11. Ever driven in West London? Seen women driving in headscarfs, can’t see left or right, didn’t grow up accustomed to motor traffic?

    If women were doing better than men, it would be because they’re superior. Or..maybe they would do better if they were assessed on coursework rather than an exam..

  12. We’ supposed to celebrate multiculturalism, to not insist on assimilation but yet can’t be curious about the vibrant background?

    Yes, it’s a system designed to make sure they get you both ways. Deep shaft grievance mining.

  13. Twice in London, once in Tottenham and once in Oxford Street have I been stopped and asked if I speak English.

    I stutter confused and then do, then they both said ‘oh you look Polish mate’.

  14. “And, well, what actually is the percentage of BAME population that isn’t native born? It’s possible that it’s 20% or more isn’t it? Note, percentage of BAME, not percentage of total population.”

    Actually quite possible that 20% of total population was born outside UK

  15. This made me laugh:

    ‘The Guardian’s Bias in Britain poll supplies concrete evidence for what ethnic minorities have known all along ‘

    Let me fix that for you:

    ‘A poll commissioned with one intention provides selective evidence to confirm our own preconceptions and wholly disregards anything that contradicts the notion that racism in the UK is endemic’

    Wholly agree with Flubber – a close run-thing whether she or Owen Jones is more innately evil.

  16. I’ve known plenty of effnics who refer to whitey as ‘proper English’.

    Had some over to dinner the other night. They were talking about how all Chinese look the same to them.

  17. My wife is viet/Chinese but sounds scouse and is asked time to time where she was born, she answers and then after a small conversation things move on… yet she doesn’t seem triggered, oppressed or victimised, I’ll tell her to get with the programme.

  18. At dinner tonight the wife made a comment about all white men cheat on their partners. I said that’s not true and it’s like me saying “All Filipino girls are hookers”.

    “Most of them are” she replies.

  19. Are the people doing the assuming British. Europeans, especially eastern Europeans are somewhat prone to that assumption.
    Somewhat surprised by Thud’s post as I instinctively go by accent in guessing people’s origins.

  20. JuliaM – It’s clearly so terrible, being here, that it’s a wonder the queues in the departure lounge at Heathrow aren’t 16-deep.


    Diversity means zerg-rushing the borders of countries that white people built, then endlessly bitching and moaning about the wypipo.

    What’s in it for us? More ethnic restaurants? We have the recipes now.

  21. I have been mistaken for a Kraut since, um er, 1949. Something to do with blond hair, blue eyes, and latterly (i.e. since about 1990) a paunch.. So what?

  22. EM – I feel your pain. French people approach me in France, assuming I’m French.

    I simply must get rid of this rakish pencil moustache and jaunty kepi.

  23. “20% of BAME have had someone assume they are not english in the past month.”

    In 30 days assume you meet 1.5 people per day.
    To have a 20% chance of having met at least one person who misidentifies you, then you need a 0.5% probability that people are “racist” [99.5% ^ 45 = 80%]. So the story is that 1 in 200 people are racist on a very loose definition or racism.

  24. Living in Italy as I do I get asked regularly where am I from because of the residual british accent perhaps, or else being overweight and badly dressed; I have never felt offended or needed to write to a newspaper, or campaign to have statues of Julius Fucking Caesar pulled down.

  25. @ Steve,

    At the same time, discard the beret, striped T-shirt, bicyclette, and the Gaulloise be’ind zee ear!

    Meanwhile, I’ll stop doing the Roman salute, clicking the heels, and wearing Hugo Boss designed uniforms!

  26. One thing that pisses me off more than I can say – it’s the way we in the UK refer to people from the Indian sub-continent as Asian. Where does that leave people who are from Asia proper (China, Japan, Korea, Mongolia, Philippines, etc)? My Chinese wife finds it beyond weird that in actual Asia people refer to themselves as Asian but here it means you’re not actually from Asia but India or Pakistan. Did our ethnic racebaiter overlords never sit a sodding geography test? Because if Asia means the entire supercontinent including the subcontinent then it starts at Istanbul and Turks are Asian too. And Russians.

  27. I get this kind of thing mostly from subcontinental taxi drivers, who are insistent that I should care about which malnourished part of Gujarat some of my genes opted to leave five generations ago.

    Sometimes, of course, the object of the questioning is the same of asking a Norn Irish which school they went to.

  28. Living in Canada I’m often asked if I’m from Australia as they seem to have a problem with the Welsh accent
    Then of course there is the entire U.K.=England situation to non-Brits

  29. I denounce myself: I am a racist!
    I believe race is a genuine and scientific category.
    I don’t believe the races are equal in all respects.
    I don’t believe that the relative inferiority of some races justifies slavery or gross discrimination.

  30. Gosh, it’s so tricky living in the 21st Century.

    One of my sons lived in Brazil and, while there, married a dusky-skinned native.

    They now live in South London. His wife has a big problem, insofar as she cannot go out alone in public. Men in their cars just brake, leap out and advise her as to the best way to accommodate their penis in a variety of orifices. Men walking just grab her.

    Of course, it would be quite simple if these men were the pasty faced racist right wing fascist supremacists so prevalent in our disgusting country. We’d merely shoot them.

    The complication is that they are exclusively BAME. What a dilemma! Dusky hued feminists of their acquaintance have opined that it’s fine just to castrate them with a rusty penknife, but a Gruandidad reader has suggested the best way to handle the situation is to pretend it doesn’t happen.

    Problem solved!

  31. @ Patrick
    The supercontinent stretches from Cadiz to the Bering Straits (if you allow that Africa is separate) so on that basis, the French and Spanish are Asian (but not the Basques).
    I’m in the UK and I describe people from India as Indian (sometimes gets me condemned but not that often). There is little criticism of Indians whose religion tends to make them well-behaved in the UK.
    The Guardianistas talk about “Asians” to avoid being thought of as “racist” when lower-class Pakistanis misbehave. Asians are not a race – they are people from a geographical concept.

  32. I identify as White British, but I tan pretty well.

    A Japanese woman once asked me if I was an Arab.

    How many Victimhood Poker points do I win?

  33. Bloke in North Dorset

    I’ll bet that 99% of those asking the question are just making a lame attempt to connect with people and find a talking point. If anything its the opposite of racism because they’ve chosen to engage, a real racist would ignore them, at best.

    I can believe its irritating especially if you are 5th generation, but then lots of daily things in life are irritating, they just need to point out politely that they are British and ask a question in return.

    Keep calling everyone racist for every social faux pas and pretty soon everyone will be racist and then the complaint will be that BAME are being ignored by whitey.

  34. When I was young my French was good enough that I was mistaken for a Frenchman in a Parisian flea market.

    Years passed, and on my last visit a restaurateur asked me whether I was Irish.

    “She could find racism in a packet of biscuits”: chocolate digestives?

  35. Being asked where I come from is something I get asked several times every day. It does get a bit tedious. Usual response is “At the moment, here”
    But why do people do it? They’re actually not the slightest interested in the answer. Mostly they’re doing it to be polite. To show they interested in me as a person. Trying to establish some common ground for a conversation and “Where do you come from?” is the most innocuous topic they can think of.
    Of course, the second most innocuous that occurs to them is ” And what do you do?”
    Second can be hilarious.

  36. I have never felt… needed to… campaign to have statues of Julius Fucking Caesar pulled down.

    Slacker. Not only was he totes imperialist, he called the Ancient Britons weeny, weedy and weaky, as every schoolboy used to kno.

  37. Theae little snowflakes wouldn’t last 5 minutes here. I can’t go a day without someone wispering ‘American’ as I walk by. Dumb fucks think every westerner is an American. But I just laugh.

    The best of course is that the Chinese use the Mandarin for ‘that one’ where we would say ‘err’ when we can’t find the words. The Mandarin for ‘that one’ is ‘na ge’ and prounced just like the N word. The look on newcomers’ faces is priceless when they hear a local repeating that again and again.

  38. That would depend, Mr Lud, on whether I assess them as being golfers. For some unaccountable reason, a great many of the blokes I meet play the game. Or that seems to be their wives’ understanding.

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