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If Trump weren’t President he’d be “in serious danger of being charged” says Comey, ex-FBI boss.

Washington Post headline.

Complete bunkum of course. If Trump wasn’t President no one would be giving a flying fuck about what he’d done with Russians and all the rest. Even that he’s President isn’t really he reason they’re chasing, it’s because he’s from outside the charmed circle that lives in The Swamp.

It’s the Establishment rejecting the interloper, no more and no less.

18 thoughts on “Nonsense”

  1. Bearing in mind that O’Bummer appointed him to the post that Trump sacked him from, surely the question to which the answer is ‘Yes’ must be ‘Does this bloke have a political axe to grind?’

  2. Trump should have arrested Mule-er and his entire circus for treason long ago.

    Mull makes “The Cigarette-smoking Man” from the X-Files look like a solid citizen.

  3. It’s the Establishment rejecting the interloper, no more and no less.

    Exactly the same dynamic as our elite desperately trying to do anything except Leave the EU.

    Trump voters didn’t know what they were voting for, ignorant racists, secret KGB plots, yadda yadda yadda.

  4. “If Trump weren’t President he’d be “in serious danger of being charged” says Comey, ex-FBI boss.”

    In contrast to Clinton – who you gave a pass to, James.

  5. Just as NuLabour always used the excuse “I’m not a crook, just a wanker” when they were caught, the Democrats are quite happy to say their campaign and their candidate were so useless, and the American public so stupid and gullible, that a few witterings on a few Facebook accounts swung the election away from them.

    Given that they obviously think Mrs C should have been a shoo-in, Putin influenced millions of people from 5,000 miles away using free social media, beating a campaign that cost hundreds of millions of dollars.

    The only possible explanation is Putin = genius, Clinton and their campaigners = wankers, which actually has a ring of truth about it.

    Yeah, right..

  6. Given they leak anything they think is even tangentially useful, and routinely lie about the rest, if the FBI had this killer evidence it would have been in the NYT months ago, and it wasn’t.

  7. “It’s the Establishment rejecting the interloper, no more and no less.”

    I imagine the same was true of Nixon. And I wonder whether the same effect was behind the exaggeratedly lousy press that Carter got.

    You’ve only to compare Carter’s press with the fawning over JFK to see the difference. Consider also the press covering up FDR’s health.

    An example in the opposite direction would be LBJ: that such an utter shitbag should get a press that criticised him substantially on only one topic – Vietnam – is a pretty good sign that he was Establishment. Given how utterly loonie the war in Vietnam was, JFK and LBJ got off lightly on the subject. They still do, in many ways.

    You could perhaps argue that the lamentable W got a better press than he deserved because of his Establishment father.

  8. I imagine the same was true of Nixon

    Very much so. The Yank press is still congratulating itself on hounding him out of office, half a century on. Of course, Nixon’s famous paranoia was entirely justified since they were indeed out to get him.

    See also: the continuing media myth that Joe McCarthy and the House Un-American Activities Committee were crazy lunatics who somehow cast a sinister shadow over mid-20th century American life, when in reality they vastly underestimated the degree to which Communists and their sympathisers had infiltrated American public life.

    They still occasionally make films about the terrible, evil, no-good days when noble, sensitive, kind-hearted fans of Soviet mass murder feared the blacklist (but getting modern-day conservatives driven out of work and banned from the internet is completely different, bigots).

    Richard Nixon was a HUAC member, which might’ve been when his card was marked.

  9. “Tell me, whose arses did the Clintons kiss to be allowed to join the Establishment?”

    They have dirt on everyone, and Arkancide is a thing also…

  10. @tomo – fascinating article, not least because it seems to have been written by a rational adult.

    It is amazing how Pres. Trump has driven US liberals completely barmy.

  11. It’s a different Establishment now. Of course the people comprising it change over a fifty year period, but it’s beliefs and outlook have also vastly changed. It is now blatantly partisan towards the Left. The Democrats could field a convicted and unrepentant child rapist as a candidate and the media would portray him as FDR.

  12. I don’t think so. The Left has always been whacko. What’s different is they are going public with it. I think it was Obama’s election that made them feel safe to say what they believed all along.

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