Oh joy

Cory Booker will decide whether to run for president ‘over the holidays’

Yup, only 23 months until the election.

Fortunately Ocasio Cortez is still too young. So it’s going to be Bernie, Pocahontas and some number of nobodies.


16 thoughts on “Oh joy”

  1. Barring a major donor intervention, it’ll be Hillary. Because she still wants the job and still owns the Democratic Party.

    Booker is a flyweight and the sexual assault allegations will sink him. Pocahontas heap big beclowned herself with the DNA test. Bernie Sanders will be about 80 years old by the next election. Joe Biden is a pervert and, worse, a white man.

    So it’ll be Hillary, because if movies have taught us anything she won’t stop waddling into presidential campaigns until James Caan batters her with a typewriter.

  2. I can’t help but think that poor old Pocahontas deserves better than to be compared to Elizabeth Warren.

  3. Steve – it wont be Hillary.

    The Clinton Foundation investigations are coming to a head.

    It will be Kamala Harris.

    A black woman who is as big a cunt as Hillary.

  4. I don’t think the democrats have the ability right now to choose an electable candidate. Doesn’t mean they won’t win though.

  5. Kamala Harris seems likely. Woman. Minority. Bright politician. If she can avoid living up to the “cold Kamala” handle that Trump will probably tweet upon her, she could win the Presidency.

    The Dems seem intent on lawfare against Trump. Some are saying that will backfire badly against them. We’ll see, I guess; on and on.

  6. @PJF – Are you watching Scott Adam’s vblog? He was trying to come up with a Trump kill-shot for her and a commenter came up with ‘cold’ & won the discussion.

  7. Raffles, yes.

    If I recall correctly, the commenter said something that prompted Adams to come up with “cold” himself. But it’s generally pretty late (when I can’t sleep) that I watch that, so will stand for correction without sulking.

  8. @PJF – there are (audio only I think) recordings of his vlogs available on his website.

    I do find Scott’s podcasts etc. entertaining – no idea how accurate he is (he called Trump’s win well in advance, I understand), and whether his various theories are right or not (my sense says more right then not), but he does make you think a bit more deeply about stuff.

  9. Trump actually got it wrong: her nickname is “Fauxohontas”.

    Think of the target audience he was talking to. I’m not saying they are think or anything, but how many would get the spoken reference, or even the written one?

  10. I stopped reading Scott’s blogs when he stopped doing text and went into video. I don’t have the bandwidth to be playing videos or the privacy in a crowded office/library/aeroplane. Text blogs (like here and ContiGraph) are useful to read while waiting for the computer to do something. Video blogs are useless.

  11. @jgh – I thought that too. I skipped Adams’ blog for years after he went audio. Just started again recently, and now I enjoy them.

    I tend to have them on n the background rather than primary focus though.

    @PJF – fair enough, thanks for the correction.

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