Oh what lovely fun

Isn’t that insistence just gorgeous? I am a…..

23 thoughts on “Oh what lovely fun”

  1. Dongguan John –

    Maybe that qualifies as cute where you are, but it don’t around here.

    She’s what we septics call a “1:30 beauty”… She’s beautiful because you’re alone, horny and drunk in a bar, it’s 1:30AM, and she’s there.

  2. Tim

    Why even bother to engage with such an obvious moron – the comments underneath your subsequent contretemps illustrate why Twitter is seen as a Leftwing echo chamber – every single one is sub moronic….

  3. Goodness me, having scanned down her ‘feed’, she seems to spend a lot of time furious – her fury directed at the wrong people, natch.

  4. So, ill-informed kidult writes ill-informed and puerile article in an equally puerile rag and gets upset when correctly treated with condescension.

    Nothing to see here, then.

  5. She looks thick

    And thick in every possible way.

    Last time I saw a facial expression like that, cud was being chewed.

  6. Everyone stop being nasty. She tells us she is from a disadvantaged background.

    And the death of George Bush gave her a good laugh.

    Boilerplate socialist then. Loves everybody, love, love, love.

    Unless you disagree with her in which case your dousing in petrol and burning are brought on by yourself.

  7. response to her “work”?

    I se no work.

    Published opinion, sure.

    Competent, researched, qualified opinion?


  8. Bloke in North Dorset

    “Don’t call me darling.”

    If she visits Yorkshire ‘er ‘ead will explode, and if the “darlings” don’t get ‘er the “luvs” will.

  9. 30 odd years ago I used to help out in a food bank. Of sorts. We distributed late evening sandwiches and soup to local homeless, holidaymakers wanting a free meal and any passers by. We didn’t provide 9 days food a year, we provided a meal 52 weeks of the year on one evening a week.

    The problems with benefit delays and sanctions are nothing new. Takes weeks to get money for a benefit, takes me minutes (including filling in form online) to get a bank loan or payday advance. I can get a grand from the bank thousands of times quicker than I can get £70 from the benefits system.

    Do people say that banks, credit card companies, car finance companies etc are somehow not efficient enough to be able to run a benefits system?

    Why can I get a home loan for £10k quicker than I can get universal credit of £50?

    Inefficiency, working culture, poor staffing, bad IT, take your pick.

  10. DtP….

    She’s beautiful because you’re alone, horny and drunk in a bar….

    The family just went back to the Philippines and that pretty much sums me up when I wrote that….

    I’m ashamed of myself in the sober light of the morning.

  11. I am amused she gets to call you a bell[end?]. Is that because you are lacking in tits and vagina? Not a shock she wouldnt engage on the topic but had to be a victim.

  12. On the issue of the failure of the welfare state, Sergeant Biggie’s lonely dole office band presents:

    It was 20 years ago today,
    BiG had no money for his bills to pay
    The NHS had screwed up his contract,
    For a month, no pay, tough shit, that’s that.

    To the dole office our BiG did sprint,
    Said “now help me out for I am skint,
    You’re the state and it’s the state’s fucked up”,
    To which they replied “now shut the fuck up”

    “Your contributions to the national
    Are insufficiently calendrical
    So get out the way and let our regular customers through…”

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