An author has said he is furious after a book on how to reduce plastic waste was shrink-wrapped by its distributor.

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  1. Single-use plastic is not the problem the whineys are making it out to be. I reduce plastic waste by putting it in the regular rubbish bag.

    Round here our rubbish goes to a leading-edge, hi-tec incinerator which magics electricity out of rubbish with inert landfill as the by-product.

    Am currently educating my green friends (somebody has to befriend the poor darlings) on the benefits of recycling plastic through the incinerator (which is of course amazingly unpolluting compared to what people think).

    Had this backed up at a research institute recently when talking to the recycling department. The researcher agreed totally as recycling of plastic often doesn’t even take place. Hence the rubbish in 3rd world rivers from ‘recycling’ plants we use. After all it is only a second use for the hydrocarbon content.

    Of course, when applying for grants she doesn’t share this opinion.

    Plastics are great! Try and imagine life without them.

  2. “It undoes all our hard work”

    Yeah, virtue signalling is hard work. Now, you aren’t going to make it into Lefty Heaven.

  3. Over here most magazines and magazines are shrink-wrapped, I think to stop people reading them in the shops and and encourage them to buy it. I’m guessing then publisher did this for the same reason?

  4. Bilbaoboy : Am currently educating my green friends

    That must take some doing – eco-freaks are more easily triggered than Roy Rogers.

  5. NatGeo Magazine recently switched from plastic wrap to paper. With pages and pages of mea culpa silliness. They wanted us to understand that they really, really are good people.

    And not the POS hypocrites they appears to be.

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