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So, then….

Merry Christmas to one and all.

Bah, Humbug will be around later…

29 thoughts on “So, then….”

  1. Merry Christmas to all my cyber friends here.

    You’re all I’ve got….sob.

    A special thanks to Mr Worstall for all the work he does on this blog and entertainment he provides, gratis

  2. After my early morning tour of the Lud latifundia, with every second rosy-cheeked tenant offering me a merry Christmas, and every other one tugging his forelock and gor blessing me, if I hear another bloody… Oh, forget it. My valet has just brought in overcooked kidneys and a burned kipper.

  3. Good to see that we are keeping up the customs and habits that made Britain great!

    I’ll be out shooting later;
    got to reduce staff count somehow, eh what?

    A Merry Christmas and a Happy and PROSPEROUS New Year in a newly independent UK.

    Toodle-pip, the turkey is awaiting my ministrations….

    Oh and a special thanks to Timmy, I only hope he stops trying to convince me to do something about climate change…. Bloody carbon taxes….

  4. All the good comments are taken, dammit.

    What we need round here is a fairer allocation of the cunning, the subtle, the ribald and the thought-provoking! It ain’t fair!

    But there y’go; I should have got out of bed in GMT rather than CST…

    Merry Crimble, one and all!

  5. When I sallied forth this morn to inspect the policies I found that some creature has been pooing on our patio.


    Merry Xmas.

  6. Merry Christmas

    God bless

    @Edward Lud
    “My valet has just brought in overcooked kidneys and a burned kipper.”

    At least your breakfast made it to the table.

    Kippers (4 in bag): microwave as per institutions, remove then serve….

    …to dog.

    Bag came apart at seam, kippers on floor. They smelt nice

  7. Back home after emitting GIGAFUCKINGTONNES of CO2. Plants love me.

    Mom had a good day. She’ll be 99 in February. Brothers were cheerful*. Son here for dinner. I’ve got a couple of filet mignons to grill. So a good day.

    *All cheerful gets rarer and rarer.

  8. Hey hey everyone. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and I wish you all a happy, peaceful, healthy and wealthy new year.

    Go Brexit!!!

    Although I’m not the most prolific poster on these boards, I read Tim’s pages, and the BTL comments, most days and have done for years. So thanks for the giggles, the wisdom, and in Mr. Ecks’ case, the practical advice.

    Cheers to you all.

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