So what?

Doctors have been accused of denying medicinal cannabis to patients on the NHS despite its legalisation by Sajid Javid, the Home Secretary.

Patients are being forced to pay for the treatment privately or travel abroad after being told by doctors they are not entitled to the drug because there is no clinical evidence that it is beneficial.

They’ll not give you antibiotics for a cold either, on the grounds that there’s no clinical evidence that’s beneficial.

12 thoughts on “So what?”

  1. Antibiotics aren’t merely not beneficial in treating colds, but are actively harmful in that (a) they affect the ‘good’ bacteria in your body and (b) promote antibiotic resistance.

  2. For some conditions the clinical evidence will never exist. Too few people with the problem or too few who would be good for clinical trials.

  3. @Martin actually there are trials occurring in extremely rare diseases (e.g. 10 people in the entire UK have this disease). Treatments do get developed and paid for. Part of the clinical trial strategy for these drugs is how to enrol enough patients without enrolling every single patient so that you can still make money when you launch

  4. @ Mal Reynolds
    Under the old PPRS, the then boss of Glaxo declared he was willing to lose money on essential drugs for rare diseases with low sales volume because he considered Glaxo had a moral duty to supply them, I can believe that he meant it – in recent years it has donated anti-malaria drugs to countries that could not afford a commercial price.
    His Finance Director sat there quietly because he understood PPRS and knew that he could recoup the losses via minusculely higher prices for Ventolin or Zinacef.
    Yes, you have to hire a good statistician or two to design a trial that will provide useful information.

  5. Martin

    What really doesn’t get researched is where an easily available and, more importantly, non-patentable, product has the potential to mitigate or cure. E.g Coffee and liver diseases, CoEnzyme-Q10 and some heart condidtions, Vitamin D and cardio-vascular diseases, etc

  6. @Chris Miller December 22, 2018 at 10:46 am

    +1 people need educated by BBC/MSM & GPs that Antibiotics are not AntiVirals

  7. ‘despite its legalisation by Sajid Javid, the Home Secretary’

    British law stumps me. The Home Secretary can declare something legal? Is there a ritual to it? Does he have to have a Royal Wand in his hand as he waves something legal?

    Are there any limits on this power?

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