An agreement has been reached at the eleventh hour between Chief Pleas and Sark Electricity to keep the power on and avoid any disconnection.

The two parties initially failed to reach a deal during a meeting on Wednesday evening and the power was set to be cut off at midnight tonight.

Sark Electricity had been in dispute with Chief Pleas for a number of months after the government forced the company to drop its price 14 pence to 52p per unit recommended by an independent price regulator.

The agreement reached last night now states the price of electricity will go back up to 66p per unit to allow the company to sell supplies without losing money.

Sark’s government now has three months to buy Sark Electricity.

Electricity on Sark will cost what electricity on Sark costs. Doesn’t matter who owns it. Tey can – and probably will – subsidise it thought taxes. But it’ll still cost the same.

29 thoughts on “Stupidity”

  1. True, Emil.

    ‘Sark’s government now has three months to buy Sark Electricity.’

    They can buy it any time they want to. Or seize it any time they want to. The are Government™.

  2. My first thought was that the Barclay brothers are leaving all their lights on and running fourteen three- bar electric fires in their garage just to skew demand and humiliate the local government into doing exactly this, cackling maniacally over their Whisky collection.

  3. Bloke in North Dorset

    Its one of those well known factoids that there aren’t any cars on Sark. What they don’t tell you is that there’s loads of little diesel driven tractors and from my experience maintenance doesn’t seem to be the biggest priority.

  4. Is the electricity in Sark mostly diesel-generated? I know it isn’t exactly great for baseload but I’m surprised that solar wouldn’t be cost-competitive in that part of the world to play some kind of road.

  5. “I’m surprised that solar wouldn’t be cost-competitive in that part of the world”

    Solar is land intensive. On Sark, it only works for a few hours a day.

  6. “Sark will cost what electricity on Sark costs.”


    The cost of electricity generation on sark will be (to a first approximation) what the cost of generation is on Sark, regardless of who is generating it.

    What it costs the consumer, in contrast, depends on several things, including who is selling it.

  7. @PSS

    I think Tim is just making the standard economic distinction between “price” and “cost”.

  8. I’ve always enjoyed following the glimpses of local politics you see about Sark in the press. Unfortunately the reporting is always woeful so you never really find it what’s actually going on underneath the headlines, I’d love to understand how the community politics there really works (not just with the Barclays, although that was how I heard about it in the first place).

    I’ll have to visit someday

  9. Can’t we get some Green Pratt to suggest that a windmill on a pole plus some old car batteries would do the job?

  10. OK, I’ll suggest the windmill on a pole, but only because I hope the Sarks(?) are stupid enough to pay me for such a jury rigged, jerry built, rube goldberg piece of junk.

    As for price and cost, if the price is very high compared to cost, the cost will rise, because human nature. When my revenues are high I get a little careless on costs.

  11. jgh no longer in Japan

    Lamma Island in Hong Kong similarly has no road vehicles, other than “village vehicles”, sort-of mobility-scooter-trucks. Ironically, Lamma is where HK’s main power station is.

  12. Pcar


    Am no expert on these things but am surprised this isn’t supplemented by something else – there are surely times/situations when alternatives would be more cost-effective, even if the diesel is needed as a fall-back?

  13. @MBE

    What would alternatives be? No gas or coal available & too small market to import, same for bunker oil.

    I’d guess Sark (pop. 500) has no reliable baseload as no industry, manufacturing, factories etc. Thus, all elec is demand led ~300 freezers & fridges going on/off isn’t really baseload.

    I too don’t know enough, but a decom. USN or cable from Gurnsey/France may be better & cheaper long-term.

  14. “Shadow international development secretary Kate Osamor stepped down weeks after she was reported to Parliament’s standards watchdog.

    Her son Ishmael Osamor previously admitted having £2,500-worth of drugs at Bestival in Dorset last year.

    Ms Osamor’s resignation follows allegations of misconduct made by The Times newspaper.”

    Off topic. Anyone know what the allegations are?

  15. Threatening a journalist who doorstepped her, I think. Something about smashing in their face with a baseball bat, allegedly. I notice that a bunch of press reports didn’t mention the reason.

  16. @ Andrewc – and lying that she didn’t know anything about the case until he was sentenced – despite writing to the judge asking for clemency prior to sentencing. She also had the temerity to say “remained fully committed to our programme for creating a society that works for the many, not the privileged few,” Anybody else’s son would have been jailed, not given a slap on the wrist. Hypocrite and liar. Though that’s no surprise..

  17. PCar: some of the Scottish islands successfully worked out business plans for submarine cables resulting in leccy being cheaper even with the mortgage payments, so certainly should be a workable option for Sark. You used to be able to get “isolated communities” grants towards the construction, but even without those a cable supply would be cheaper than local diesel.

  18. Pcar,

    “Penny Mordaunt”

    Pity. She’s about the only politician I can crack one off to. Knowing she’s backing this deal is like guessing she has the clap.

    Seriously, I’ve no idea why these morons are backing this deal and May. This is Wrong Side of History stuff in a big way.

  19. BoM4: There’s definitely important stuff that we’re not being told, including what sort of pressure is being brought to bear on MPs you might otherwise expect to be well against May’s ‘deal’.

    Let’s hope the barrage of lies, blackmail & threats of worse between now & Dec 11th doesn’t have the desired effect.

  20. Correct.

    Background: Labour MP Kate Osamor (BA in Third World Studies; UEL) said she nothing about son’s crimes until he was sentenced. Problem – during trial she wrote to judge with mitigation pleas.

    On 2 December 2018 it emerged that Osamor had been banned from editing this article by Wikipedia for issuing a threat of legal action against Wikipedia

    Her mother, political activist Martha Osamor, was appointed to the House of Lords by Jeremy Corbyn in 2018

    Similar to other Labour MP Fiona Onasanya, solicitor (a pretty honest sort of gal), charged with perjury, except CPS Prosecution QC pleading for mercy – re-trial scheduled.

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