They would, wouldn’t they?

Increased US Oil Production Means Cheap Oil Ain’t So Good No More


Doctor Who stars have rejected claims that the show has become too PC, with one actor asking whether it is even possible to be ‘too’ correct.

Mandip Gill and Tosin Cole, who play Yaz and Ryan in the show, instead praised the programme in an interview with Radio Times for being an “entertaining reminder” of important issues.

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  1. It has gone a bit tedious and preachy, not that I have watched a whole one since John Pertwee. Years ago I read an excellent book about Hollywood scrip writing and it advised that when you have beaten an idea to death so often it won`t even whimper you can always change the gender of the protagonist as a last throw .
    Now you can even represent this miserable left over as a bold social comment – win …slightyl tedious – win

    Btw on your modern medicine thing , try counting how many people in any room would have made it through childbirth. I wonder how this will change things

  2. Can I be the only person who was a pre-teen when Dr Who first aired, thought it was drivel then & has continued in its exploration of the final frontiers of drivel intermittently ever since. It has that vapid BBC Children’s programming “niceness” that makes your teeth curl. Like Mary Poppins meets Star Trek, series one.

  3. I thought I’d give it a go.

    Female doctor. (Ok). one new companion is young black male (ok) who has a disability (Ok) who is being looked after by his gran (OK) who has remarried a white guy (OK). Companion two is a young female, Asian policewoman put on boring duties by her white male boss but is of course under-utilised cause she’s really a feisty brilliantly capable yadda yadda episode two is about going back in time Rosa Parks yadda yadda


  4. Forgot to add…

    “is being looked after by his gran (OK) who [is a Caribbean ‘mama’ and] has remarried a white guy [who is a salt of the earth working class bloke] (OK).”

    It was like some exercise in “Sanctimonious PC Bingo”.

    Didn’t make it to the end of episode one, couldn’t be bothered to watch episode two.

  5. bloke in spain,

    I loved it as a pre-teen but revisited it later and realised it was garbage. Like, you can rewatch Star Wars and it works.

    All BBC output is vapid. You can watch a drama and figure out everything that’s coming 5 minutes in. Because the villain is always one of the unapproved groups or doing something unapproved and everyone fits expectations. And if there’s a point, it’s one you’ve heard a dozen times before.

    People think the BBC is good because of the veneer. They hire good actors, they spend a lot on production design. But it’s crap.

  6. Never been the same since the Master left, after killing himself in a car crash. Now there was a bad ass villain. To my ten year old eyes.

  7. one actor asking whether it is even possible to be ‘too’ correct.

    If she means too political and left-wing, the answer is of course she is correct. There are always new frontiers of sanctimony and wokeness to explore and use to outflank your rivals, as well as browbeat the masses of course.

    Frankly Dr Who only shows how hateful and bigoted it is by not having everyone as trans, who swap identities 15 times per episode. And where’s the trans-alien genderqueer plant?

  8. People think the BBC is good because of the veneer. They hire good actors, they spend a lot on production design.

    This. I watched some drama series on there a few years ago (one episode). The writing was appalling, the dialog made Eastenders episodes from the 1980s sound like Hamlet.

    As you say, vapid tedious dialog and indifferent acting dressed up in high production values.

  9. It is arguably “not possible to be too correct”, but that generally comes with not being too successful either. Fine if you work in ‘public sector broadcasting’ but less good in the real world. Look at what the feminist cabal that have taken over the Star Wars franchise have discovered; that if you sneer at and insult one of your main client demographics (repeat watching teenage boys) then they have no obligation to pay to come back and be insulted. A bit like calling the Chinese racist cos they wont watch films with lots of black people in. They don’t aspire to be black and however much you try and tell them how bad they are for thinking like that, they ain’t going to pay good money to be lectured by 60 year old Californians in sensible shoes.

  10. The BBC website had a “Have Your Say” on the new Dr Who… The first hundred or so of the highest-rated postings were all slagging it off as too PC, too preachy etc etc.

    Surprisingly, it was closed for comments rather quickly! 🙂

  11. William Hartnell was The Doctor, and a lot of rubbish it all was. Though, to be fair, it did fix the unlikely name William Hartnell in my memory, which is quite a feat. I can’t opine on his successors, not having seen them.

    In its cause I will plead that it had two merits. The Daleks were quite funny. And diddly-dum, diddly-dum, diddly, diddly, diddly-dum warned you to switch the telly off.

  12. If I remember correctly it was shown on Saturday afternoons. But was it shown before or after the football results?

    Queen of the South one, Brechin City nil.

  13. William Hartnell was ok and Sarah Jane Smith? was definitely worth a look. Not so Mrs Dawkins. Haven’t watched it since those days.

  14. It’s badly written to the point it wouldn’t matter who they cast as the Doctor, her bewildered interpretation also lacks presence and really doesn’t help though
    I even dislike the new opening sequence

  15. If I remember correctly it was shown on Saturday afternoons. But was it shown before or after the football results?

    After – I have vague memories of Final Score, then Basil Brush, and then Dr Who.

  16. Two decent episodes so far (killer robots on some planet or other and the one with the hospital ship)

    The others have been right out of lets celebrate diversity central

    Nice to see more historical revisionism – as if we don’t get enough already on the Beeb

    Shame really, I rather like the new Doctor and her turn of phrase

    The companions are just tokenism

    I now look at the blurb and if its yet another Grauniad approved subject line I don’t bother


  17. In the ‘olden days’ the stories at least had a chance to develop. The story was told over 4 or more episodes. One ran to 12 episodes. Now, of course, everything has to be solved in a single episode so the “most terrifying threat to the existence of mankind” has to appear, be explained and be defeated all inside the same episode.

    Sign of the times I suppose.

  18. The BBC managed to kill the series with its lefty preaching in 1987. Now it’s trying to do lefty preaching at 7 on the Richter scale again: even my wife cannot be bothered to catch up with the feminist claptrap.
    Pity! Jodie Whitaker is a good actor, so we gave it a try and the first thing that jarred in episode 1 was that she assumed that she was in charge and no-one queried it: male Doctors had to justify being in charge.

  19. – “But was it shown before or after the football results?

    After. Surely you remember the clackety old tele-printer?

    – “the Master…now there was a bad ass villain

    To my mind the greatest screen villain will always be Hodges, the ARP warden in Dad’s Army.

  20. I didn’t know it was possible to get even more PC and preachy then when they restarted Dr Who, and every other episode was a sermon on gay marriage.

  21. @starfish you mean the gremlins in space hospital ship, thought that was pretty awful, full of stupid script inconstancy that has plagued the series.
    Though the low point so far has been trying to make people feel sympathy for giant spiders.
    Happened to watch the Black Mirror episode with the killer robot bees this weekend, now that shows you can do social comment and still have a good entertaining story.
    The current production team seems obsessed with the sonic screwdriver with Jodie frequently declaring her love of it, maybe it’s supposed to be an ironic reference to a penile substitute?

  22. Bloke in North Dorset


    yes I watched it as a pre-teen, when I wasn’t hiding behind the settee 🙂 but not again until Peter Capaldi stepped in to the role. I liked him as an actor and son said it was OK. It wasn’t and it will be abother 50+ years before I waste my time on it again.


    “I didn’t know it was possible to get even more PC and preachy then when they restarted Dr Who, and every other episode was a sermon on gay marriage.”

    I don’t think anything can beat Bodyguard, that was appalling and I gave up after 45 minutes as it was so implausible.

  23. At least when the BBC are doing fiction it slightly slows down their non-stop series of documentaries detailing how white British men are directly responsible for every evil that had ever befallen the human race.

  24. I can’t work out whether the Beeb do this as a deliberate policy of social engineering, or whether they are so sensitive to expected criticism from the permanently angry if they don’t, or whether the people in the Beeb who do this genuinely don’t see it as anything other than a perfectly normal way of entertaining/educating the populace.

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