Umm, why?

Major overhaul of birthing services to make ‘NHS best place in the world to give birth’

Are we hoping to attract even more health tourists?

13 thoughts on “Umm, why?”

  1. Given that those on the boats are young Muslim men, JuliaM, they will not be needing the services directly, but they may be planning on joining a grooming gang or setting up one of their own. Maybe that is the difference, in France you’re expected to commit suicidal acts of terror, in the UK you get to rape underage girls.

  2. Surely all the little Mohamed, Mahmoud, Muhammad, Mohammed, and Muhammuds deserve the best possible start in life?

  3. Safest, most efficient, most effective, best value for money… maybe.

    Beyond that,”best” sounds like an unnecessary luxury most taxpayers can’t afford for themselves, let alone strangers.

  4. The NHS Delusion persists. Throw money at it, being back matron, one more heave of the wheel and it will be aaalll-right

    Being born because of the NHS is not the problem, it is staying alive because of it.

  5. “Major overhaul of birthing services to make ‘NHS best place in the world to give birth’”

    At the expense of..?

    “New mothers will get help to breastfeed their babies for longer”

    How on earth did human nature progress to the point women need help breast feeding for longer?

  6. Would that be new Mother’s will be badgered and made to feel guilty and inadequate for longer if they don’t listen to the breast feeding legion

  7. NHS needs to fix parking first

    “Hospital parking charges mean more people can go to the hospital. You see? Rationing by price does work.”

    Bollocks – people visit hospital then leave, they don’t hang around (park) all day to enjoy the facilities. If NHS fixed their wait in A&E, Outpatients etc turnover would be quicker – 1500 apt, arrive 1450, still waiting at 1600 is normal in NHS.

    It also means many people can’t go to hospital as no bus within walking/crawling distance so they die or call 999 at great expense to NHS.

    Edinburgh: RIE moved from city centre to middle of nowhere. Parking restricted and charged at city centre rate by law to encourage bus use. My mum (78): bus 1 mile away and 1 per hour 8am-8pm.

    Chesterton’s Fence broken & burning by Gov’t interference.

  8. Pcar, I raise you a 1500 apt, arrive 1450, see a consultant at 1700 who isn’t the person you’re supposed to see, who gives you an unecessary examination then says “I think you need to see the consultant you had the appointment with”.

    Seriously, they run a clinic where you’ll only ever see the duty consultant who could be any one of about 4. Obviously this massively limits continuity of care, and means they have a constant churn of appointments of people coming back just to see a different person. I mean what can you say except f*cktards.

    This as it happens is about birth injuries. Midwives aren’t quite up to the repair job, NHS then claims the problems are a natural side effect of childbirth (rather than sending an inexperienced midwife to do something that really needs a seasoned obstretrician), and besides are cosmetic and therefore won’t be fixed.

    On the other hand if your emotional distress is because you’re a woman trapped in a man’s body, they’ll sort that out, even if you’re a pensioner.

    I think they have a long long way to go before they’re the best place in the world to give birth, and yet another initiative is missing all the points entirely.

  9. @Anon December 30, 2018 at 9:19 pm

    Do you share my wonder at why

    Tim Worstall

    Has not defended or explained his reasoning? Had a [email protected] December 30, 2018 at 9:19 pm

    Do you share my wonder at why

    Tim Worstall

    Has not defended or explained his reasoning? Had a re-think? Not strong enough to admit may be wrong?

  10. In the same vane, VftS, ‘But isn’t it the “envy of the world” already?,’ we get announcements of new studies, with new and improved climate models, that we are fvcking toast. The models now account for X, which they didn’t do before.

    The effect is to INVALIDATE everything they have said before. EVERYTHING! For the last 30 years. Proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that climate models are junk.

    Even this fabulous new model will be trashed with next year’s New and Improved model.

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