Video spotted

Naomi Klein interviews Bernie Sanders.

Boy, isn’t that discussion really going to cover a wide span of intellectual differences?

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  1. Tim, one of my guilty pleasures (yes, I’m an increasingly boring old fart) is watching old interviews on YouTube.

    William F Buckley’s show “Firing Line”, which had a young leader of the Opposition called Margaret Thatcher on.

    Old Parky stuff.

    Even the infamous debate between the Bishop of Southwark, Malcolm Muggeridge, and two of the Monty Python crew.

    A few things are interesting about paleo-television. For one, they had actual grown-up discussions about serious topics back in them brown polyester days.

    Telly didn’t talk down to its audience, it assumed you were a reasonably well educated middlebrow adult able to think in paragraphs without constant witless soundbites and mugging for the studio audience’s applause. And the host generally tried to draw out his guests, rather than talk over them and parade his glib Goodthink.

    Teevee in 2018, by contrast, is aggressively, offensively stupid. If John Logie Baird was alive today, he’d probably go nuts and kill everybody involved with THE ONE SHOW before turning the spanner on himself.

    Bergeron wept.

  2. Steve,

    For another blast from the past watch the vids of Rodney Dangerfield on the Johnny Carson show.

    Comic genius and classy hosting – oh and completely hilarious as well.

  3. Mark Steyn’s interviews are excellent, and typically but not always he interviews those politically close to him.

  4. They don’t make comics like that anymore

    They certainly don’t. Instead we have unfunny cunts like Marcus Brigstocke and Jeremy Hardy.

  5. Boy, isn’t that discussion really going to cover a wide span of intellectual differences?

    You need to be a wide span of intellectual development before you can have a wide span of intellectual differences.

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