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Well, yes, I suppose so

Undocumented parents scared to enroll citizen children in benefits, say experts
Immigrant families fear deportation over accessing aid for healthcare, housing and food support

Large numbers of people entirely legally in the country don’t in fact qualify for all of those varied aids and helps. Why should those illegally so?

12 thoughts on “Well, yes, I suppose so”

  1. The whole point of the financial bits of the legal immigration process Is to make sure that the new immigrants are over the thresholds for qualifying for benefits. It’s what held up getting my son-in-law across: my daughter needed to earn £x in the previous 12 months or have at least 6 months in a job with an income of £y.

    Iirc, x and y were the same number but I can’t remember…

  2. Can’t have immigration and a welfare state…..

    Wasn’t President Trump going to put an end birthright citizenship?

  3. He said he was, but I don’t think that the media would let him get away with over-riding the Constitution by executive order, as they did for Obama.

  4. Experts? Expert at shoveling tax money into the hands of the poor, helpless, illegal, infirm, lazy and weak?

  5. That’s Lefty’s interpretation of the Constitution, not the actual Constitution. Anchor babies are a modern invention.

  6. . . . And I don’t want them to have a fear of deportation. I want them deported. After serving 6 months for being here illegally. Illegal without jail time isn’t illegal.

  7. The idea that illegal alien parents can have citizen children is astounding. They should all be treated as a family unit and sent home.

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