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Where’s my cut?

Inside China’s audacious plan for global media dominance

Beijing is buying up media outlets and training scores of foreign journalists to ‘tell China’s story well’ – as part of a worldwide propaganda campaign of astonishing scope and ambition.

I’m always dubious about these people buying up journalists stories. Simply because I’m part of – even if a minor part of – the target market. And on one ever does offer to send me these sorts of cheques. Maybe I’m too minor but…..

It’s like the great climate change cover up. So, where’s my cash?

7 thoughts on “Where’s my cut?”

  1. The Chinese efforts seem to be about as fresh and relevant as their 14th Century naval exploits would be today–ie a fleet ( or Fleet St should that be?) of wooden junks in the modern world.

    It might best be described as an attempt to obtain cheap slaves by buying them from hospices. To aspire to dominance of dying mediums is not much of a coup.

    Next: the Chinese takeover of world-wide theatre management and Circus Big Tops.

  2. “China’s audacious plan for global media dominance”

    Old farts like me remember when the short wave bands were full of broadcasts from Radio Moscow and the Voice Of America vying to be heard over each others jamming. These days most Western broadcasters have quit the medium, and now the loudest voice is China Radio International…

  3. This is so typical China. They think they can pay people off to say how wonderful they are and everyone will buy it. It might work on the locals but foreigners see right through it and laugh at it.

    Just look out for when the Chinese ambassador has an article published in the Telegraph, who for some reason occasionally let him spout his BS, it’s laughable. That’s how they think ‘soft power’ works.

    If you get the chance take the cash and write something incredibly sarcastic; they’ll probably love it and commission more.

    *written from relative safety in HK* 🙂

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