How did old people become political enemies of the young?
Ashton Applewhite
Attempts to pit younger voters against older people are hateful and prejudiced – we need a New Generational Compact

From our ever popular series, Guardian headlines we can answer.

20 thoughts on “Wisdom”

  1. This creep is just trying to sell his book.

    He repeats absurd Lefty orthodoxy, like ‘the Trump administration’s anti-immigrant, anti-refugee and anti-minority agenda.’

    It is childish in it’s ignorance.

    But since Tim brought it up, I will add that the unDemocrats attacks on the wealthy is indeed an attack on Old People, as wealth is a proxy for age.

    ‘We need a New Generational Compact’

    Beware compacts offered by the Left.

  2. Well, that plus inflating house prices, pulling up the ladder, and making out they stormed the beaches on D-Day while denigrating the young as feckless layabouts.

  3. We are not enemies.

    Those that rule by division & conflict , have decided to set two artifice groups against each other in the realms of the media.

    At a personal level , there has & will be the rebellion of youth against the wisdom of age .
    But at that personal level , it is always tempered with family, love, understanding , hate & all the emotions that being human brings.
    As we get older , we want our children to do well , to do better , to have the life we did not, but only dreamt about.

    It is those that wish. To control , to rule ,that seek to poison that natural relaship , to sow even more division for their own ends.

  4. hmmm. Well, being responsible (or at least half responsible), for a couple of millennials myself, perhaps some aging boomers reckon a little payback is warranted for the teenage years.

  5. Economic fiddling by socialistic scum combined with poisonous remainiac agit-prop plus Uni brainwashing. Misleading the naïve who are esp cotton-wool wrapped with middle-class leftists as parents.

    I increasingly think that the long-haired shite of the 60’s should have been smashed flat enough to slide under a door.

  6. The selfish strike-happy post-war electorate voted for socialist policies which impoverished the nation.

    And now they’re old they’re complaining they’re poor.

    “I was a shop-steward at British Leyland for 20 years, and now I’ve got Whiskas for my Christmas dinner.”


  7. +wat dabney shades of the Goon Show (now that really is older generation):

    “I’ve been a cabin-boy for EIGHTY-SEVEN YEARS and next week they’re promoting me to–” [faint groan and sound of body hitting the floor]

  8. Tim N to storm the beaches on D-Day you’d have to have been born no later than 1926 which would make you 92 today. I think you’re hyperbolising a wee bit there old chap.

  9. “in 2016, when older voters were widely blamed for the Brexit vote”

    Typical Gruniad. They can’t spell “credited”.

  10. I remember being refused sweets in a shop when I had the money. I assume that was rationing. When did that end?

    (You can tell it was traumatic because I remember precious little else from infancy.)

  11. Google says Feb ’53. So I have evidently suffered from PTSD, at least in the Guardian’s sense, for nearly all my life.

    Should I sue?

    (A campaign slogan that would better Guardian levels of accuracy would be #metwo.)

  12. ” to storm the beaches on D-Day you’d have to have been born no later than 1926 which would make you 92 today. I think you’re hyperbolising a wee bit there old chap.”

    Thats the point – the post war generation like to insinuate they fought for freedom and liberty against tyranny, when all they’ve done for 70 years is vote for more free stuff for themselves.

  13. And voted to empower more government control of the people.

    The fascism burns. The US banned 100W light bulbs and front load washing machines.

  14. I remember every time that Hovis ad came on the tellybox (we wen’t down t’ the shops me mam and me just after t’ war…)…

    …my Mother would go mental shouting at the telly that rationing didn’t end until long after the war and you couldn’t get an orange until 1965, etc.

  15. Dear Mr Worstall

    There is an inter-generational wealth gap: if it were not for the efforts of the oldies, the young would not be enjoying the level of wealth they have today, which is far higher than the wealth said oldies enjoyed when they were the same age as these ‘deprived’ young, which in turn was higher than that of their parents. and so on unto the eighth or ninth or tenth generation back to the dawn of capitalism and the Industrial Revolution.

    As for the usual suspects trotted out by Ms Applewhite, I say bring on global warming, and let’s have more inequality, because that is the driver behind innovation and economic progress.

    Equality can wait: we shall all be equal when we are dead. Socialism delivers that kind of equality like no other -ism.


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