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You say tomahto and I say tomayto

Councils have given thousands of rough sleepers and homeless people one-way train, bus and flight tickets to leave areas and sometimes even to leave the country in the last four years, a Guardian investigation can reveal.

The tickets were bought through “reconnection policies” that aim to encourage rough sleepers to voluntarily return to areas where they have family and support networks. It has been described as “street cleansing” and an abdication of responsibility by some campaigners and MPs.

Advice – and aid – to homeless people to go home where they’ve got a home is a good or a bad idea?

14 thoughts on “You say tomahto and I say tomayto”

  1. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    1 Can one swap the tickets for Special Brew/cider ?

    2. Why would anyone wilingly go back to somewhere like Sunderland ?

  2. and sometimes even to leave the country

    Imagine helping failed immigrants return home instead of begging on our streets.

    It’s an idea so crazy it might just work.

  3. ‘an abdication of responsibility’


    The Left has turned the world upside down. Vagrancy used to be a crime.

  4. There was a time when I’d be approached by the sort of beggers who’d say: can you lend me a quid, I’ve lost my train ticket home, and I’m on remand (or simla’). To which I’d reply: this is your lucky day! Come with me down to the police station and I’ll help you get a travel warrant to get back… hello…. where’ve you gone?

  5. Vagrancy used to be a crime.

    And I bet some of the same Grauniad-types admire the Soviet Union for not (officially) having a homelessness problem. Which they’d “solved” by considering vagrancy to be a crime and punishing it with a short stint in Gulag as a common criminal.

    But I bet if you told them that they’d deny it…

  6. Vancouver has complained many times about other provinces giving homeless bus tickets to Vancouver. The fact that our winters rarely see temperatures below zero being one issue in the homelessness problem

  7. Tim, what’s with the withoutbrain links? Surely people who frequent this site are far too intelligent to click them?

  8. Could be. We’re p;laying with various revenue raises here and on Continental. Just seeing what will pay the mortgage and what won’t. Proof’s ‘n puddings and all that.

  9. I wonder how many ‘friends and family’ upon Danny boy’s showing back up on their doorstep, didn’t start setting aside money to buy them a ticket back to ‘somewhere else’.

  10. @ BNLiA
    2. Yes
    Sunderland does not have any council estates as bad as London, nor does my home town (we were told to avoid a couple of streets – one half-a-mile south of home, one a third-of-a-mile west-north-west, but that was all). I could get digs in Sunderland for less than JSA and not get sanctioned for failing to acquire a non-existent job.

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