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A glorious complaint don’t you think?

The entire website of Elon Musk’s private charitable foundation is shorter than many of the Tesla CEO’s contentious tweets. “Musk Foundation. Grants are made in support of: Renewable energy research and advocacy; Human space exploration research and advocacy; Pediatric research; Science and engineering education,” the site reads.

Documents obtained by the Guardian reveal how the foundation has put that vague mission statement into practice. Together, the documents show that many of the organization’s donations have gone far beyond its stated scope. Some have benefited the billionaire’s own initiatives and, indirectly, his family, while others have tackled his pet peeves – the foundation has given more money to artificial intelligence research than to any of the more traditional charities it says it supports.

Billionaire spends his charitable donations on things which he thinks important – that being what a peeve is.

5 thoughts on “A glorious complaint don’t you think?”

  1. There is no more hypocritical operation in the universe than the Granudidad organisation.

    How dare charities give good money away to non Grandian operations!

    Why, the poor Gruandian has had to set up a charity of its own in the USA to benefit – itself!

    Don’t ever actually look at what the Gran does if you want a lesson in Lefty religon. Confine yourself to looking only at what it exhorts others to do.

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