Ah, yes, those strong and independent…

It’s not just Meghan and Kate – all women need social media protection
Kimberly McIntosh

….women who can’t deal with the actual society around them.

Note, I’m not saying that society is nice, perfect nor woke. But it is the real world all the same.

20 thoughts on “Ah, yes, those strong and independent…”

  1. “…the media, and the trolls that follow them, will associate black people with gangs and crime for the most tenuous of reasons.”


  2. Social media would be just fine if everyone paid for memberships (and if you act like a dick, you get kicked out and have to pay again). The problem is that everyone wants them for free, which means it’s full of dickheads.

  3. Kimberly McIntosh works for the Runneymede Trust:

    ” The UK’s leading independent race equality thinktank.”

    ” … founded in 1968 by Jim Rose and Anthony Lester, with aim of acting as an independent source for generating intelligence for a multi-ethnic Britain through research, network building, leading debate and policy engagement.”


    Two lawyers found an organisation to push for more non-white immigration into the UK, which is now part-funded by the Home Office.

    Here’s the ‘Team’ that now run the place:


    I’m sure our Kimberly doesn’t have any agenda to push, and that they all have the best interests of the British at heart.

  4. M4–One WOMI sack of shit’s “dickhead” is another man’s hero.

    Gladrag scum spew lying evil bile daily in service of murdering marxist evil –including scum-sucking femmi-freaks who endorse foul deeds too numerous to count–New York Infanticide+Vermont now and some other USA leftist shithole whose name escapes me. Just one of story this week. Evil femmi-wheeze of the week. And then these bitches complain if they get some verbals back?

    Go soak your marxian heads in piss you female skunks. And reflect on the selfish murder of innocents while you do.

  5. Women and indeed everyone can protect themselves from social media abuse by simply not getting involved in it. Don’t do twatter or instagram or all the things that I’m too old and uncool to have heard of.

    If you must do Facebook, only connect to your actual, real world friends and maybe your Mum.

  6. Mr Ecks,

    “M4–One WOMI sack of shit’s “dickhead” is another man’s hero.”

    This isn’t just about opinions. This is sometimes just people saying “suck my dick”.

    Although there’s probably some truth that the average Guardian writer expected to be able to stand on a pulpit spouting opinions, but they’re facing people pointing out their stupidity.

  7. A nice posh lady Gardin reader

    Well, let’s have a think, shall we?

    A seperate network? Just dolls, little puppys and fluffy things?

    No, thought not.

    Castration of all males over 12?

    Ooh yes, popular in the US right now.

    Er, automatic elevation of feminists to President over there and Prime Minister over here on a rotating term? Wow, we’re getting there, aren’t we? Oh, wait, stupid men voted for the wrong one over here.

    Oh, I just can’t be bothered.

    Stamps foot and returns to crochet. (Knitting is SO common)

  8. “Cry bully” is the rather nice neologism coined by Ms Birchill ( who I have loved in a chivalrous way since her NME days ) – our dire MP does it all the time ( Ms Caulfield ….aka gnat brain )
    The way I see it is this; when I fail, as I usually do, it’s my fault
    When woman fails its ….ah yes, my fault again.

    Not fair ( boo hoo)

  9. ” No one is going to be accusing them of being too white are they.”

    Oh Ecksy, Do keep up, ‘diversity’= fewer white people.

  10. Richard – bloke in charge a graduate of SOAS – nuff said.

    Tim, you used to write often in response to fluff articles written by the fairer sex, things like “run off and make me a sammich” etc. Haven’t seen that tone taken in a while?

  11. Richard: It’s the well-known ‘Harem effect’, where a high-placed man tends to recruit female subordinates.

  12. It’s true. If anyone has ever insulted me on twitter, I haven’t noticed as I’m not on it.

    I’m not even sure what Instagram is. Don’t tell me. Not knowing hasn’t worried me.

  13. @Newmania January 31, 2019 at 12:26 pm

    Talking sense – well done..

    Did you forget your meds today? Stay off them

  14. You’re forgetting the first rule of 21st century feminism – everything must be done for the benefit of women above all else. But must be done by men, because women are too downtrodden by the Patriarchy to to do all that organising, making and doing stuff.

  15. ‘all women need social media protection’

    So today, women are snowflakes.

    But they’ll make great storm troopers tomorrow.

  16. Jim,

    “You’re forgetting the first rule of 21st century feminism – everything must be done for the benefit of women above all else. But must be done by men, because women are too downtrodden by the Patriarchy to to do all that organising, making and doing stuff.”

    That’s the whole point of it. They’re useless middle class women who still want the rewards. They won’t do the work of say, making a video game, but they want a nice office and salary where they can knock out the occassional press release about sexism in the video games industry.

    A lot of women don’t associate with feminism. The Yorkshire-born hard-as-nails project manager I know isn’t a feminist. She doesn’t get hired for special treatment. She’s excellent at her job.

  17. But BoM, that would mean that the feminists are the actual sexists.

    Next, you’ll tell me that the people yelling “RACISM!” are the actual racists.

    Oh. Okay. Never mind.

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