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And to all of us

Nancy Pelosi is an alien species to Trump –

10 thoughts on “And to all of us”

  1. I just saw the BBC pushing a story on their front page about a ‘Trump ally arrested… blah-de-blah…’.

    I thought I’d Google ‘Clinton ally arrested’. Just to see . Out of first 10 or so responses, 9 related to Trump allies being arrested, 1 to a Clinton ally.

    Funny that.

    Good old… Google, doing no evil since…

  2. I expect Trump voters are an alien species to Pelosi and her lot.

    They seem to be keeping their recruitment process (in the wrong direction) running…

  3. O/T. There’s been a lot of chat going on here, today, with Venezuela. Venezolanas talking to family & friends. The word “libre” has been getting a lot of use. Whatever the media may be reporting, Guaido’s getting a lot of support from Venezuela’s poor. Any luck, we may be seeing the end of the Chavez/Maduro reign.

  4. …there’s one force that seems to truly destabilize him: a competent woman.
    The technical term is “assuming facts not in evidence.”

  5. But aside from insults, he doesn’t really know how to deal with assertive older women, because for his entire life they have existed outside of both his immediate view and his broader imagination

    I wonder how he avoided having to negotiate the existence of Hilary Clinton if she remained outside his view.

  6. Tim, I am really upset with you, supply a link to the Guardian I am looking for alternative and truthful news and comments, if I want to read shit, I can find it very easily just by Googling, because we know they would not manipulate the truth (not).

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