Biased, partial or what?

Brazil Is About To Show The World How A Modern Democracy Collapses
Far-right president Jair Bolsonaro is a threat to Brazilian democracy — and a model for authoritarianism that leaders around the world will follow.
By Travis Waldron
01/01/2019 08:00 am ET

Right wing bloke takes power, chunter, chunter, chunter.

Meanwhile the country next door, Venezuela, actually has collapsed as a country, economy and democracy. But that’s different because reasons.

19 thoughts on “Biased, partial or what?”

  1. I think the usual response to mentioning this is to shout “shut up” repeatedly 🙂

    Lefties are sometimes hard to distinguish from children

  2. One needs to bear in mind that for those on the left a democracy is a place whose policies they approve of. Nothing to do with voting.

  3. Many people are scared shitless of Jair Bolsonaro.

    Thousands of Venezuelans are desperately trying to get in.

    But then they’re not lefty hacks.

  4. You want biassed?

    Listen to how BBC R4 and World-service describe Jair Bolsonaro.

    A few nights ago World-service host/news-reader introduced an article with “The Nazi supporting Brazilian President elect Jair Bolsonaro blah blah..” iirc ~0200/~0300

  5. They don’t care about democracy; they talk about it because you do. As Pat says, it has nothing to do with voting.

  6. I understand the correct term for Travis Waldron is “tosspot” – a term that can safely be used to describe most of his colleagues at HuffPo.

    A refugee from ThinkProgress the oxymoronically named collection of wankers who try to portray themselves as a “News website”.

    Somebody’s paying the creep a salary…

  7. Superb article from Hufpo to start the New Year. Reading through gave one an increasingly warmer feeling & confidence for the future. The conclusion that the whole of S.America south of Panama could soon be heading sharply to the right’ s a great morale booster for us in Europe. Europe next?
    Again, have to compliment the Hufpo team of superb writers. I’ve long been underestimating the site.

  8. You could look at Bolivia under Morales or Ecuador under Correa and you will see pending collapses similar to Venezuela. This dimwit, although not lacking in verbosity would not know what ‘Hard Right’ actually means if it came up to him and squeezed him in his testicles. But in all seriousness what do you expect from the Huffington Post, a paper that is the intellectual equivalent of the Gobi Desert?

  9. Happy New Year Tim

    The January sales have begun in earnest, never more so than on TRUK where we see the following:

    ‘And such is the scale of the economic crisis to be faced that this time the political order of neoliberalism cannot survive the process of change intact. Its assumption that free trade is the answer to all questions for a population that only wishes to act in pursuit of self-interested material well being no longer holds true. The planet cannot sustain these politics any longer.’

    So sayeth the greatest living authority on environmental matters

    ‘I suggest that the Green New Deal is at the core of this alternative. A decade after the Green New Deal Group published its first version of this plan, and after numerous updates in time since, the vision remains clear and consistent. The aim is to refocus the economy on delivering the essential services that a sustainable economy has to deliver. One of these is full employment. In a green economy nothing less makes sense: people who want to work who can’t are non-renewable resources going to waste.’

    People are ‘a non-renewable’ resource. Sounds like something out of the 1940s.

    ‘Modern monetary theory helps explain how this can be done. I have explained how here. This does not require that all the policy claims of MMT be accepted. Those claims are not integral to it, although many suggest they are. Rather it means that the ability of the government to act using its own ability to create credit without inflation resulting is critical to the delivery of the Green New Deal.’

    He’s obviously been following the Bond Markets closely…..

    ‘That’s firstly because taxes are vital if inflation is to be controlled: they take government created money used to deliver essential services out of the economy and so prevent inflation happening. ‘

    I thought money creation had no cost – therefore why on earth would it need to be controlled by anti- inflationary measures?

    ‘What we count indicates what we think matters. And the rest does not. Right now private sector accounting is focussed on just two things. One is private profit. The other is financial markets. Those are the only two things that matter in current private sector accounting. ‘

    Not content with redefining economics he is now applying the weight of his ignorance to redefining international accounting standards

    ‘There are then five elements that together can provide an effective platform for the real reforms needed as the basis of the economy of the future:

    ‘The Green New Deal;
    Modern understandings of money and its role in financing government;
    The tax gap as a measure of fiscal efficiency, tax created inequality and only thirdly of tax authority effectiveness;
    Tax spillover analysis to plan for better control of the economy in pursuit of social goals;
    Reform of private sector accounting in the interests of all stakeholders of companies.

    These all link together. They are my focus in 2019.’

    Praise the Lord! Cometh the moment, cometh the Moron

  10. ” Bolsonaro has threatened his leftist political opponents with violence and imprisonment.”

    Commies afraid they’ll get a taste of their own medicine.

  11. @bloke in Spain.

    ‘ I’ve long been underestimating the site.’

    Did you leave out the ‘h’ deliberately?

  12. Let’s also not forget that Brazil, while nowhere near Venezuela levels, wasn’t exactly doing great under the previous socialist rule but I guess that doesn’t count

  13. @van patten – best to ignore the potato’s piss poor green credentials – lives in 4 bedroom house by himself – no sign of a windmill in his back garden, drives a berlingo not a hybrid or electric car (probably a diesel), loves flying to wherever he can can wangle an invite to peddle his claptrap. He believes that if he can keep talking the talk, one day the greens will nominate him for an honour . his aims of ‘The Green New Deal;
    Modern understandings of money and its role in financing government;
    The tax gap as a measure of fiscal efficiency, tax created inequality and only thirdly of tax authority effectiveness; blah de blah are just word salad and make no sense. Obviously his favourite word for 2019 is going to be spillover. Expect to see it repeated ad nauseum in his so called analysis. truly “Praise the Lord! Cometh the moment, cometh the Moron”

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