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Bit of a bargain actually

No, not an ad, just an observation:

NOW is your chance to book a bargain break to the Algarve for less than £100 per person.

The amazing deal includes flights and accommodation in the sunny Portuguese resort.

£100 for flights and hotel for nine days? That’s a significant bargain really. How they’re doing it, it’s marginal revenue upon fixed costs. The apartment hotel exists, the flights will be running anyway. Why not gain some cash?

This is for March as well, weather could be good down here. Not a bad part of town either.

The bit that catches my eye. £10 a day? The difference in prices means that someone on a pack of tabs and two pub drinks a day would find it cheaper to be here – including the cost of the holiday – than in the UK Actually, forget the tabs, three drinks a day would do it. More a measure of the overtaxation of such things in the UK than anything else….

7 thoughts on “Bit of a bargain actually”

  1. Lots of retired folks in the UK spend much of the winter in southern Spain/Portugal, where you can find half-board deals for significantly less than the UK national pension. I imagine there are plenty of little restaurants in the Algarve (never been, myself) offering substantial three-course meals with wine for under €15?

  2. We’ve a local favourite which is €17 for lunch for two, not each.

    Bread, salady bits, olives, then either fish – usually one from sea bass, sardines, mackerel – or Nando’s style chicken. Served with ‘tatties, salad. Followed by coffee, tad of fruit and cake. Quarter bottle of wine – or beer, soda pop equivalent – all in for two for that €17. Want more of anything just ask, although obviously that’s subject to the “don’t take the piss” exception.

    €15 a head is getting quite expensive outside the very, very, touristy areas.

  3. Lots of expats here go and live in the all inclusive hotels in Pafos (or the ‘occupied areas’) for weeks on end during winter.

    It can be substantially cheaper than cooking for yourself and heating your (un-insulated) home…

  4. If the UK “remains” maybe we should push off to Portugal and pay whatever small taxes we owe to the Portuguese government rather than to the shithouses in Westminster.

    But how would I persuade my wife?

  5. The catch will probably be you must attend a Timeshare Sales Presentation lasting a few hours.

    If you can fake an RoI accent they won’t waste much time on you.

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