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Back to opinion: I’m such an extremist that I insist the very existence of the European Union is a bad idea and that our leaving might be the first tumbling brick which brings the whole edifice down. Yet it is still factually true that the Brexit process is in a bit of a bind. Among those who have to decide, those parliamentarians, there is no majority in favor of any action or deal. And yet the default, without such positive decision making, is that Britain leaves without a deal at all, and reverts to WTO terms.

Myself, I’m shivering with anticipation even as I note that rather a lot of my countrymen disagree.


Glad they did put the link in there.

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  1. Rather less of your countrymen than the remainiac bastards want to kid you there are.

    They are not the YOOF vote–beyond the usual young/dumb crowd. Plenty of them will have croaked since 2016 al;so. Millions more have seen the scum of the EU snarl and what hate-filled, oh-so-fucking-superior, patronising WOMI shite the remainiacs are.

    WTO Rules or civil strife.

  2. Alex Chalk, future PM. You read it here first.

    For the record, I agree with our host on what, but not why.

  3. In related news, I see Macron intends to shoot the populist peasants:

    And here I was thinking Donald Trump was The Enemy Of Democracy And The People. Silly me.

  4. ‘Amid the chaos, a hard Brexit is still the simplest, easiest option for the UK’

    And the best. By far. Any “deal” is an attempt to establish a relationship with the EU. That’s not what the people voted for. They voted out. Not some squishy, semi-autonomous relationship.

  5. Corbyn Lost No Confidence in Gov’t vote by iirc 36

    Traitor Grieve on C4 News plotting to cancel Article 50 and ignore Referendum result

  6. ROFL

    Angela Rayner on C4 News @ 1930 confirmed she IS Vicki Pollard “May…Brexit…agenda…YEAH, BUT…at this moment in time…”


  7. Biggie–The FFC is remains creature but she is also a mental case.

    Grieve is a cunt but a brazen fuck you to democracy is a fool’s gambit.As is a deal with Jizz–which offers Jizz nothing if he spends even 30 secs thinking about it.

  8. Good article, Tim.

    Pcar – Traitor Grieve on C4 News plotting to cancel Article 50 and ignore Referendum result

    Mindboggling. Does he expect to have 24/7 police bodyguards for the rest of his natural?

    If not, seems to me to be rather unwise to continually flaunt his… (is there a nice word for treason?)

    I’m super serial about this: democracy is far preferable to the alternatives because it’s a peaceful, non-violent way of resolving political differences. Can’t take democracy off the table without inviting the other stuff.

    So we were supposed to be outraged at some excitable folks calling Soubry a “nazi” the other day. What do they imagine the excitable people might do if MP’s kill Brexit? Doff their caps and mutter “it’s a fair cop, guv”?

    And thanks to Care In The Community, a non-trivial percentage of the general public is potentially stabby.

    Let’s hope we don’t find out. In the meantime, I sense a lot of depression and anxiety on the Right. There shouldn’t be.

    Lest we overestimate the capabilities of the Treason lobby, they’ve been trying to kill Brexit for over 3 years now and have failed at every turn despite having the entire establishment behind them.

    Yes, they might win, but so far Remain and Continuity Remain have an unbroken track record of embarrassing self-beclowning. I’d like to see more confidence and optimism from Leavers – the qualities that won the referendum in the first place.

    The greatest danger was that the enemy would gaslight and depress patriots into accepting Mrs May’s Fake Brexit. With that risk receding (albeit not gone quite yet), Remain will have to do its own dirty work, openly.

    I reckon they don’t have the balls to simply cancel British democracy. If they had testicular fortitude, they wouldn’t be EUnuchs, would they?

  9. The FFC is going to make a live statement just after 10 pm from Downing Street.
    My prediction is that Barwell and Lidington have successfully persuaded her to extend Article 50 claiming that “she needs more time to gain consensus in Parliament”. Lets face it, they wouldn’t have had to try very hard.
    Now watch Brexit die the death of a thousand cuts from every furious elitist MP in Parliament, egged on by the poisonous Squeaker.
    The ERG have completely failed and as much as I like Rees-Mogg, he has been comprehensively outmanoeuvred by a hamster faced arsehole.

  10. Gamecock – apparently only with the agreement of every EU member state.

    That might be tricky, given that the Surrender Agreement itself was subject to last-minute fuckery over fishing and Gibraltar. I dunno what’s in it for Spain, for example, to permit an extension.

    And the Italians, the Poles, and the Hungarians might feel like being awkward because of rising tensions with Brussels.

    Even if they ask for and get an extension, it’s unlikely to be for long, as the European elections are coming up in May and Britain won’t be taking part in the new European Parliament as things stand.

    So… reasons to be cheerful. The road to Brexit still looks narrow and twisty, but it’s still the default option enshrined in law while all the other possible routes are equally if not more troublesome.

  11. I think Brexit is dead unless JRM et al can filibuster from now until end of March.

    What will be unleashed if/when they cancel it is going to be interesting.

  12. Hammond looks to be seriously digging in against no-deal. In fact, they all do.

    Put simply, Hammond (like many of them) didn’t expect the “Leave, but not really” deal from the EU to get drowned at birth without their being a big swing back to “bugger it, we’ll stay then”, which is what the Remoaners like him actually want.

    Now they are in the awful position (for them) of looking a hard BRExit of their own making in the face with nothing to stop it but an already rejected EU deal (essentially twice now, since May bottled it in December)

    Hence his alleged placating of UK business leaders telling them that a hard BRExit will be scuppered any day now by a government supported backbench bill.

    I’m perfectly willing to believe that is what they are planning, traitors that they are, but the question is will they get away with it?

    I’m guessing probably not, since a lot of MP’s quite like the nice cushy number and really don’t want to be being ousted and having to get a proper job or (potentially worse), having to wander around with a mob of armed police because more than half the electorate wants to string them up by the goolies.

    I’m guessing that the Remoaners will find that lots of people are prepared to say what they don’t want, but precious few will be prepared to commit to a publicly recorded parliamentary vote which screws more than half the electorate and makes the UK look like a banana republic sans the sunshine and yellow hanging fruit.

  13. The FFC seems to think that she can suck up to HoC trash and have them pass an even worse deal. She is lying about an eternal CU etc but fuckwit Jizz wants an eternal CU in law.

    If ZaNu are now so stupid that their “leadership” think that keeping the Cow in and emptying their bowels on Brexit is an election-winning ploy for them then it is time to retire Bedlam. Jizz might as well order the entire Party to stand up and cut their throats in the HoC–which would be a sight well worth seeing. And only bettered by having every Brexit traitor MP join in.

    Jizz is an arrogant old buffoon who changes his putrid marxist mind far less often than his dirty underpants. How did that slug Starmer persuade him to think any of his present stance was a good idea? An ill-smelling feat of persuasion indeed.

  14. Maybe Corbyn just thinks that at least Brexit gives the parliamentary party something else to keep them busy instead of trying to oust him constantly

  15. Jezza knows full well that the time is not yet right for a Marxist takeover of his kind. There is still work to be done by the entryist Teen Trots of Momentum and things in the country have to get a lot worse than they are at the moment.

    He seems to think that Tory infighting and chaos is just what the country needs to set it on the road to TruMarxism2019 (TM) and that Theresa May is just the incompetent fool to achieve this, so all of the bollocks about yesterday’s VoNC was just for his own Momentum troops and to keep the crab bucket snapping at others rather than himself.

    All things considered, Comrade Corbyn actually thinks that the EU is a barrier to his Marxist paradise, so he’d rather they were out, but he’ll keep his real views to himself for the time being and simply adopt whatever position keeps the Tories at each other’s throats.

    I suspect he thinks that an actual hard BRExit will deliver just the sort of chaos and disorder that might give him a shot at number 10, so while he might publicly disavow it, I suspect that is what he is waiting for.

    This doesn’t make Jeremy Corbyn a good guy (even on the basis of “the enemy of my enemy”), just another “useful idiot”.

  16. I reckon a second referendum is quite likely at this point – it turns responsibility away from MPs and back to the people, and in so far as they can say “nothing to do with us, it was the voters who changed their minds” then it’s less catastrophic a betrayal than if they rescind article 50 themselves. It’s the “democratic” option, after all. There are enough MPs in the Commons who would be willing to sign up to it and it may offer a glimmer of hope to May that her deal she worked so hard for might just get through after all. She could say that after holding cross-party talks it became clear that People’s Vote was the only way forward.

  17. @MBE – Perhaps – but I have a strong sense that MPs in Leave constituencies are increasingly worrying about their majorities, which might temper that somewhat. Worrying enough to stop a majority for another referendum? I don’t know.

  18. @MBE: Again, perhaps – but a referendum would take a good few months to setup and there is no easy (and temporary route) to pause the A50 clock in the meantime.

    A50 can’t be paused, only withdrawn and the EU have made it quite clear that A50 withdrawal would have to be permanent. Now lots of MP’s would like that a heck of a lot, they just don’t want their sticky fingers all over it.

    This is one of the beautiful side effects of Gina Miller and the EU court cases, it has taken it out of the hands of the executive (May + Cabinet) and put the decision firmly back in the hands of parliament, which makes it very difficult for MPs to dodge in a system like ours where your vote is very public and in most constituencies roughly half the voters hate you no matter what decision you vote for.

    So the most likely possibility still remains parliamentary indecision and a hard BRExit back to trading on WTO terms come 11PM on March 29th 2019, which is currently the only act of parliament that has passed, therefore the only thing that the current legislation allows.

    “Yes, but that wasn’t what we meant” doesn’t carry a lot of weight in legal circles.

  19. The EU sucking scum will lose a Ref that is not rigged. A straight Leave vs remain vote (pos with a second Leave sub vote on WTO Rules or the turd) will be a Leave victory. They would have to phrase the questions to split the leave vote OR have it as a May/Jez Superteam Turd vs remain. Either way civil unrest would kick off. Against a rigged ballot I would turn out to disrupt voting at the booths on the day. I emphasise a RIGGED set of vote choices. Because they aren’t going to get away with it.

    They can extend A50 –with the permission of the Euro shower–but not cancel it. But the Euro trash have already said they don’t want it past their May elections. Because it seems likely that there will be a huge up surge in anti-EU MEPs being elected from all over and the last thing the EU wants is another load of UKIP added to that.

  20. Henry – There is a reason why RichardMurphy(TM) is a lone nutter with a keyboard and the “spirit of the law” might carry some weight with the Teen Trots and Marxists of this world, but even Jezza distanced himself from Murphy when he realised he was just a nutcase with a fake CV.

  21. John Galt said:
    “This is one of the beautiful side effects of Gina Miller and the EU court cases”

    Yes, it will be quite delicious if we end up with a default no-deal Brexit on 29th March simply because Parliament fails to agree anything in time so the EU Withdrawal Act takes effect. We can then thank Gina Miller for forcing the government to legislate. Perhaps even a statue to her as the enabler of Brexit?

  22. What’s happened to the option of a Canada trade deal? It was talked about last year but seems to have gone quiet.

    I’d have thought now was the time for the no-deal crew to resurrect it; basically it’s constitutionally the same as no-deal, but it’s still “a deal” so doesn’t frighten the horses in the middle.

    Perhaps the EU wouldn’t accept it, but since they’ve already signed it with Canada, they’ll have no rational reason to refuse it without being exposed as the self-serving weasels they are. And it’s already negotiated, so with a tiny bit of goodwill and sense on all sides it could be in place by Monday.

    The Remainers and closet Remainers won’t like it, but I’d have thought most people would accept it now.

  23. Canada isn’t in the EU–nor Japan . If they give us such a deal what is to stop many if not all of the other 27 wanting the same terms and thus goodbye EU. They might stay in in name– the exact reverse of a BRINO–a ” EUMINO” so to speak–but the EU would be dead as a doornail.

  24. Re. Grieve and the comment <i.Does he expect to have 24/7 police bodyguards for the rest of his natural?
    That’s assuming the bodyguards aren’t leavers and/or believers in democracy. The commissioners: OK, but the plod? Expect lots of guarding when there’s anyone watching, but out of sight, a few inadvertent discharges…
    Sorry for the Clintonism.

    I wonder if a useful stragetgy might be to start seriously discussing ‘Remain’ with the EU. That’s the last thing they want: the UK staying and wrecking their army, their tax plans, ….OMG! They wanty the money, and they want to keep the controls on us, but they don’t want us still having a say. Threaten Remain-and-Disrupt, and just see them squirm 🙂

  25. If the UK breaks free of its EU chains then the EU is already dead, since any successful BRExit (over the medium / long term) would be a fatal blow to EU hedgemony.

    It will just take a while for that fatal blow to the point at which the thing actually dies, possibly as long as a decade.

    In many ways I expect it to be similar to the League of Nations where it limped from one ever deepening crisis to another until it was little more than an organisation chart and some empty buildings.

    I expect the EU to go the same way, but since the countries are more strongly bound together (especially the Eurozone countries), it will take much more to pull them apart.

    I think the next step will be that the financial gap caused by the withdrawal of the EU will be filled temporarily by Germany, but in return for a short-term injection of funds the Germans will demand full control of the next budget cycle and that the number of net beneficiaries of EU largess be substantially reduced.

    This will make it much less appealing to those countries like Poland and Hungary who are already tired of being harangued by EU leaders about their domestic affairs and quite simply were only there for the money anyway. So, I suspect there will be a long gap to allow BRExit to settle, but that Poland, Hungary and perhaps the rest of the V4 will either exit fully or at the very least withdraw to EFTA (if that route remains open), sometime around the mid 2020’s.

    Germany will try to keep a rump EU operating, but the greater the fiscal rectitude they try to impose (both Eurozone and wider EU), the more it will fail.

    I doubt the EU will collapse entirely, since the French, Germans and a few others seem to still be keen, but the “ever closer union” envisaged by the founders was never achievable. Whatever remains might call itself the “European Union”, but it will be little more than a customs union with shared currency which is very different.

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