No, I don’t know. I hope for WTO no deal on 29 March.

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  1. Amazing that Theresa May still hasn’t resigned, though. Now do you believe me that the Qualification of Women Act 1918 was a mistake?

  2. I still can’t work out if we’ll end up accidentally bumbling towards no deal, or if there’s been a strategy all along to drive this kind of situation and make everyone frit. The latter being to make people frit both in the UK (in order to rescind Art.50 / have another referendum with lashings of Project Fear II to ensure remain-type vote), but also in rEU (as warning of what will await).

    Are *they* smart enough to cook events to the point where we are (and ensure Brexit is stopped)?

    Democracy in UK / EU was dying anyway – this is starting to look like the clear signal it has.

    Oh well, not many other options once democracy has gone. Other than the obvious (cue Mr Ecks!)…

  3. Are *they* smart enough to cook events to the point where we are (and ensure Brexit is stopped)?

    Oliver Letwin isn’t even smart enough to not invite burglars into his house.

    Democracy in UK / EU was dying anyway – this is starting to look like the clear signal it has.

    Apparently the first thing May did last night after being kicked in the lady-goolies over her Surrender Agreement was to host an emergency conference call with big businesses… It’s obvious who she regards as her bosses and it ain’t the voters.

    Time we updated the old Thatcher-era reflex that anything private sector = good. In the era of woke capital, big business is, in fact, the enemy within. They thoroughly deserve a dose of Corbynomics.

  4. Maybe Calamity May is deliberately screwing things up so we end up with a WTO deal?

    I do enjoy our betters intoning that there is no majority for ‘no deal’ in Parliament.

    Didn’t they vote for just that eventuality – presumably in the expectation that no government would be so inept that it would actually occur?

  5. There’s a majority for no no deal, so Theresa will ask for more time to arrange the vote. EU will agree. The question and possible answers will be highly nobblematic, and we’ll go through twice as much aggro as if Theresa told the EU 2 years ago we’re going on WTO unless you can tempt us with something.

  6. Bloke in North Dorset

    May has to be the luckiest PM since ……? Facing any opposition front bench other than the current students union that time forgot she’d have been toast ages ago. That the Tories are still in the frame in the event we end up with a GE over this is nothing short of criminal.

  7. You and I know we will stay in the EU, if not by withdrawing Article 50 then by virtue of a softer than soft Brexit that is Remain in all but name. The fallout will hit the Conservatives harder than Labour.

  8. and we’ll go through twice as much aggro as if Theresa told the EU 2 years ago we’re going on WTO unless you can tempt us with something.

    If the PM had been a leaver, I suspect that’s how it would have gone down. “We’re preparing for no-deal and are cool with it. Got anything better to offer us?”

  9. The thought of actually having to think and take responsibility is something that scares MPs shitless.

    Getting on a committee, getting a ministry with the car and the chauffeur, lunches, the property portfolio, expenses, how to avoid clinics in the constituency, these are the priorities in an MP’s life. It’s a busy life, so why make it more complicated?

  10. The fallout will be enormous and will hit both packs of cunts very hard indeed.

    Jizz’s gang have 60 % Leave seats. The stupid senile switched from Brexit support to Brexit betrayal likely because that turd Starmer conned him that the “thick as mince” Labour Brixiteers were dumb enough to swallow a BRINO –NO–and the remainiac WOMI dung would be on board as well. Which shows how thick Jizz is because middle class EU dick suckers like New Remainia know that Grandpa Death will have his dirty fingernails into their prosperous hides from day one.

  11. I was outside Parliament at the time of the vote yesterday. Odd to hear protestors and counter protestors cheer the same outcome but they had very different takes on it!

    Leavers were massively outnumbered around the green. They were louder and more boisterous per capita, except that Remain had the big sound system. And the giant video screens. The professionally designed logo and the printed signs and stickers (the Leavers’ equivalents had a Blue Peter home-made amateurism). They had inspirational films with uplifting music to broadcast on the screens while the presenters were quiet.

    Not convinced that Leave was the winner last night.

    If it comes to a second ref there’s going to be a lot of energised motivated well-funded Remainers who know what can be achieved by getting out on their feet and campaigning for what they believe in. Organisationally, Leave seem to have pretty much dissolved themselves as a force – and while “Brexit betrayal” may sound like a potentially enormous motivator, lots of Leave voters and activists from the first referendum simple won’t be arsed if the “Leave” option in Leave vs Remain Round 2 is the May deal or Norway/EEA.

  12. Who is funding that People’s Vote Again Till You Do As We Say campaign BTW? What I saw yesterday was a huge, slick, professional operation. But it is difficult to find (non-crackpot) information on their funding sources.

    When they started their “we demand a people’s vote” campaign, I did think about shouting “you already had one!”

    But without a microphone nobody would have heard me.

  13. MBE, would that have been in a French accent?

    “We’ve already had one!”
    Aside: “I told them we already had one” Sniggers.
    “Now go and boil your bottoms!”

  14. MBE, I am pretty sure that Roland ‘my sister is Amber’ Rudd is channeling some of the millions he makes from lobbying the EU on behalf of big business into the People’s vote campaign. Every slick lobbyist and PR man in town is on the Never Leave bandwagon.

  15. As an aside. Ended up stuck on a Tube where two People’s Vote demonstrators were expounding their economic theories. Apparently trade is less important to small countries …

    Not quite sure how the teeny countries he was naming were remotely expected to be self sufficient in resources let alone make all their own specialist goods. He should take a gander at

    One of his examples was Slovakia!!! (Trade is 189% of their GDP if you check that link. Exports alone are 96. 3%….)

    I have the horrible feeling that not only are Leave going to lose, they’re going to lose to idiots. (Not that there weren’t plenty of nitwits on the Leave side too.)

  16. It isn’t all that often that you see a politician so completely overwhelmed by the demands of the office they hold as May is at the moment. As tempting as it is to compare May to Hillary Clinton, a more accurate comparison would be between May and Jimmy Carter.

  17. The current law on the statute books is Leave With No Deal, as received Royal Assent last June. It requires Parliament to get off its collective arses in the next 8 weeks to legislate to change/revoke that legislation to prevent Leave With No Deal.

    Alternatively, they can spend the next 8 weeks fighting trying to pass a Referendum Act…. by which time we’ll have Left With No Deal.

    Parliament itself is rapidly cutting off all the legs towards anything other than Leave With No Deal.

  18. @Lockers January 16, 2019 at 11:36 am

    Mid March May will be flying around EU again and come back waving a paper promising lots, but with no legal status and call another vote on her surrender agreement

    I hope MPs are not duped/blackmailed into approving it.

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