Burgess, Blunt

Stonewall 100: MI5 and law firm among ‘best LGBT employers’

The spies have always been so, haven’t they?

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  1. Pendantry I know, but weren’t they and George Blake ( Georg Behar), who was busted out of prison by CND members, MI6 rather than MI5.

  2. Homosexualiists? Many, perhaps. Not, however, the gender-spazzed…
    The day we entrust our national security to the gender-spazzed is the day we are finished. No-one so self-absorbed, confused and mental should have any role in national security. End of.

  3. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    There’ s a bit in the film The Guard, where Brendan Gleeson’s copper is going through the arsenal of an ex-IRA man, finds a tiny pistol and asks what it is good for.

    “Yer keep it in yer underpants.”
    “Why ?”
    “It came in handy when dealing with the MI5 lads..”

  4. Is Dyson’s Singapore move anything to do with Brexit?

    …It is the same with reports about Sir James Dyson moving his company HQ to Singapore. It transpires that it will mean only two executives relocating from the UK – the company will continue to employ 3000 workers at its research and development centre in Wiltshire…

    Dyson to move headquarters to Singapore but says it’s ‘nothing to do with Brexit’

    Dyson, one of Britain’s most high-profile technology companies, will relocate its headquarters from the UK to Singapore.

    The business owned by billionaire entrepreneur Sir James Dyson said the decision was a commercial one and nothing to do with Brexit.

    Sir James is one of the most high-profile Brexiteers, calling for Britain to “walk away” from the European Union.

    He has previously said that if the UK failed to secure a trade deal and had to adopt WTO rules, it “would hurt the Europeans more than the British”.

    The company revealed the move as it announced annual results for 2018 that showed revenues rose 28pc to £4.4bn, with profits up 33% to £1.1bn…

  5. “The spies have always been so, haven’t they?”

    Up to a point. In earlier times when “being so” was illegal, those who “were so” ran the risk of being blackmailed and were thus a security risk. That was what did for Turing. Official position was to discriminate against gays, but that obviously didn’t stop Burgess or Maclean.

  6. One issue with the Cambridge gang is that they all were whoopsies… at a point where it was outright illegal. Hence, major vulnerability to compromise and blackmail, with well-reported results.

    Why go making it easy for FIS to target your staff?

  7. Alex: Official position was to discriminate against gays…

    Or ‘pansies’ as they were called in those days.

  8. Or pooves. Or queers.

    Or, as Dennis Wheatley, Lord love him, describing a rent boy, put it, “one of the most repellent young men Richard had ever set eyes on”.

    Or as perverts. Also Dennis Wheatley.

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