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But, but…..

Singer R Kelly wrote a letter threatening to reveal embarrassing details of a woman’s sexual history if she didn’t drop a lawsuit accusing him of sexual abuse, the woman and her lawyer said Monday.

In the letter, a person identifying himself as R Kelly warned a lawyer for the woman, Faith Rodgers, that if she persisted with the suit, she would be “subjected to public opinion”.

What embarrassing details? Thought young women these days were strong, independent, out and proud about their sex lives?

6 thoughts on “But, but…..”

  1. Calling your daughter “Faith” pretty much guarantees she’ll end up in porn. Much better to call her “Sodomy” or “Bestiality”*.

    * Yes, Pratchett again.

  2. I agree about the doublethink but that shouldn’t take away from the fact that if a small fraction of the accusations about R. Kelly are true than he makes the likes of Weinstein and Spacey look positively benign.

  3. JS, but Weinstein & Spacey were trading on their “white privilege”, R. Kelly is of the downtrodden minority demographic so that’s different. Because reasons…

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