Fortunately, we’ve moved on

Satanic cults at schools:

An “evil” troll who claimed a primary school in Hampstead, north London, was at the centre of a satanic cult that cooked babies and ate them has been jailed for nine years.

Given that Bea Campbell hasn’t announced that this is true it’s therefore not true. Although 9 years would be a suitable sentence for Bea.

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  1. Doesn’t bode well for ‘Nick’ either, does it? I hope!

    “Meanwhile the pair whose lies and abuse led to two children making the false claims which inspired McNeill’s campaign of hate remain at large.”

    Doesn’t seem quite cricket, does it? Shouldn’t they get more opprobrium from the judge than their dupe..?

    And just how did recordings of the children’s police interviews surface online?

  2. The sickening thing is that a mad unpleasant old bag gets 9 fucking years for talking shite that would have been laughed off by previous generations whose powers of reason were not absolutely compromised by marx-femm-“paedo, paedo. PAEDO” bullshit.

    Who is the bigger idiot/evil-doer here? A mad, nasty, sad old bag phones you up to tell that –say–Aliens have you targeted for death. Your response to this should put you in danger only of choking to death on your cornflakes because you are laughing so hard. Say she keeps going long enough to become a pest. Put her in Court and have her fined and her phone/computer neutered. For a laugh see if the Judge will let the Jury sit in court all wearing Alien “Grey”-type masks. Not likely but a great wheeze.

    Now say you are a bigger moron than her and you have enough influence to force the public purse to pay for advanced radar, scrambling jets daily for months, searchlights over every city and a constantly manned Alien Anti-Abduction patrols. Eventually it is no longer possible to avoid confronting the fact that you are an hysterical moron. So you get the old bag 9 years as revenge for the fact that you are a credulous cretin.

    In any decent society the 9 years would be instantly quoshed and the morons behind it fired on the spot. Minor league nastiness by a crazed old bag does not deserve a likely death in prison just because it has been compounded by the stupidity and hysteria of bureaucratic marx-controlled scum. The old witch would have got less time had she bought a moped and ridden around stabbing folk.

  3. Twenty years ago they’d have been in charge, but they made the mistake of being out of fashion…we have more modern manias involving the legitimate abuse of children these days.

  4. Mr Ecks: “The old witch would have got less time had she bought a moped and ridden around stabbing folk.”

    Even better, had she done that, there’d be ‘journalists’ and police eager to completely fail to mention the pictures of her scattered all over the Internet riding a broomstick and making potions, and standing shoulder to shoulder with her family claiming she was just a harmless old lady who loved children and would never dream of inviting them to her gingerbread house in the woods…

  5. The 74-year-old, described as one of the UK’s worst trolls,

    This is like describing Maxine Carr as “one of the UK’s worst teaching assistants”.

  6. Steve, Its not trolling if you can get nine years for it and very worrying that both the prosecutor and the journo who repeats it several times thinks/ advocates that it is.

  7. “The old witch would have got less time had she bought a moped and ridden around stabbing folk.”

    Talking about mopeds and stabbings, what’s a 14 year old doing riding around on a moped in the first place?

  8. She had a shit lawyer. Any decent barrister would have advanced a satire defence. She was only exposing what credulous twonks our rulers are.

  9. the children, aged eight and nine, had been tortured into concocting accounts of “horrific events” by their mother and her partner […]

    The father of the two children was falsely accused of being the leader of the cult

    Thanks, feminism.

  10. Her mistake was that the children lived in Hampstead. If they lived in Rotherham or some other Northern hell hole nothing would have happened.

  11. @ Steve
    The two tortured children were fatherless [not clear about the sex of “mother’s partner” but obviously not their father(s)].
    The “father of the two children” was related to some of the children falsely accused by the tortured pair.
    Feminism is to blame here in that the children were put in the custody of an evil woman rather than their father whom we may presume to be less evil, but that is probably the extent of its fault (in this case).

  12. Shame Plod and his masters weren’t as quick to dismiss the Rochdale/Orkneys “Satanic Panic” of a quarter-century ago as outright nonsense. They did so only 25 years too late to avoid destroying various families.

    The irony being that they knew about and did nothing to stop legions of imported real molesters and rapists.

  13. Mr Ecks: “The old witch would have got less time had she bought a moped and ridden around stabbing folk.”

    The way plod, msm and politicians speak about this; it appears it is normal & legal for a 14 year old “child” to be riding “his” moped on the streets of London.

    Has Sad Dick Khant changed the law?

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