Global warming

As deep freeze grips US, Chicago will be colder than Antarctica this week

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  1. ‘As deep freeze grips US, Chicago will be colder than Antarctica this week’

    . . . and Trump will still be President, you fvcking LOSERS.

  2. Global Warming in UK too

    Apparently it was -11C last night across large parts of UK and the cold front is spreading South

  3. Depends where in Antarctica you are talking about. Most of it is at a surprising elevation – over 2 or 3,000 metres. Inland it will be fucking appalling regardless of the time of year. On the coast though the average temperature can be 2-5 degrees in January – hardly Magaluf but not exactly Siberia in the depths of winter.

  4. Have you noticed how met office, bbc and other media weather types say ‘4 degrees above normal’ instead of ‘4 degrees above average’. I first noticed this probably 10 or so years ago.

    They’ll *say* it’s to make the science more accessible. I say it’s to continue the litany.

  5. Brexit, Russian collusion and Climate change. All three areas of fact free hysterical assertion by the broadcast media pushing propaganda designed for and by large scale corporates. If the first two are ‘solved’ or at least revealed to be politically motivated, do you think that finally some logic and common sense will be permitted on the third?
    Actually I am rather more worried that when the first two elements of project fear – keep then divided and governable – are subdued, The Powers That Be will fetch the terrorist toy (surprisingly quiet of late) out of the box for another ‘outrage’.

  6. I’ve just been in Australia, and he TV news has been banging on and on about how they’re having a record-breaking heatwave.

    North America cold snap and Australia heatwave are weather. To get climate, you need longer-term averages.

  7. Nobody has made the point that there are very very few thermometers in Antarctica and most of them are on the peninsula. In other words, we know sfa about the temperature in Antarctica although dodgy climate maths can be used to deduce it

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