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Chris Packham: I’ll take royals to task over grouse shooting at Buckingham Palace when I accept CBE

Knew the gardens there were pretty big but large enough for a grouse moor in central London?

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  1. With any luck, he’ll be given a grace and favour room in the Tower of London, for as long as HMQ desires.

  2. The grouse are trapped at Balmoral and sent down in small cages; the servants throw them live out of an upstairs window for the Duke of Edinburgh to shoot.

  3. I hope he says it to Prince P, although unlikely that the old boy will be there. I am sure he would get a response about the side effects of excessive masturbation or something similar

  4. Is this Pacman dude the heir apparent to the elderly David Attenborough, full of Puritanical pseudoscience?

    ‘Chris Packham will interrogate the Royal Family’

    Not royal anymore if they can be interrogated by this creep. There was an England where this would have been a capital offense.


    When did the monarchy die?

  5. Gamecock: Packham is a naturalist TV presenter who, as we have more recently learned through his publicity on the fact, is ‘On The Spectrum’. Now I might be a bit sympathetic to his condition, but it does seem to have made him a bit nutty in the cause of Nature. As for grouse, the only thing that keeps grouse moors the natural paradises that they are is a significant input of management by the owners & shooters.

  6. TG, it’s a truism that hunters valuing game is the best thing that can happen to game. When they are valued, they are preserved.

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