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Sorry, Howard Schultz – America doesn’t want another billionaire president

Why not ask the people directly and find out? Hey, we could call it, dunno, an election?

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  1. Why not ask the people directly and find out? Hey, we could call it, dunno, an election?

    Why would authoritarians need or want elections?

  2. “Why would authoritarians need or want elections?”

    Authoritarians like elections because they think it gives them legitimacy.

    Obviously only the right sort of elections, the ones that ban be rigged or the voters sent back to the ballot box to try again.

  3. I thought it was wrong for foreigners to intervene in US elections. But I guess that’s only when the intervention is pro-republicans

  4. Schultz is a bit middle of the road for the Graun. No doubt they’ll get behind whoever comes out with the most race-baiting, intersectional bullshit and demands for 90% tax.

    Or that homely millionaire Bernie Sanders…

  5. Really, the Schultz-hate from the Left is because the Democrats are No Party For White Men.

    It’s got nothing to do with his personal wealth (most senior Yank politicians are mysteriously rich) or his Davos-friendly globalist open-borders economic views (which are shared by the donor class of both parties).

    It’s cos he’s a white man, innit? After Chocolate Messiah and Yass Kween, the minimum cost of entry for lefty presidential politics is to be pleasingly brown and/or vaginal.

    Nothing less will excite their base, which has gone increasingly far-left identity politics since the centrist triangulation days of Bubba – mainly as a deliberate distraction from the effects of globalism. As H. Clinton said “if we made the banks more accountable… would that cure racism?!?” (“Hey, look over there! A squirrel!”)

    Remember when “toxic masculinity” and “white supremacy” were things you only heard about from the wackier fringes of academia and Tumblr – not supposedly serious people? They’re now embedded in the everyday language of the mainstream left. Why? Because they’ve got nothing else to sell.

    The only difference between Hilldog and Paul Ryan is that one wants to lecture you on your sexistracisthomophobia while liquidating your community in the blender of uncontrolled mass migration and offshoring, while t’other wants to pretend to be a Randian superhero whilst suckling at the money-teat of crony crapitalism.

    (NB Bernie was only barely tolerated by TPTB as a bit of radical economic left window dressing. As soon as he looked like he might actually win they shut him down hard.)

    And yes, Schultz is Jewish, but that’s not high enough on the victimhood totem pole to overcome his penis-having pallor. Same applies to white male gays, who are no longer welcome on the woker parts of the diversity coalition. White wimmins will be next, as they’re widely hated by the brown sisters and are losing the culture war to trannies.

    But what does it all mean, Basil?

    It means the woke coalition is inherently fragile. It means the contemporaneous rise of populists like Orban, Salvini, Bolsonaro and others probably isn’t a fluke.

    And it means that Donald J. Trump is likely to win reelection pretty handily. Maybe not with a Nixonian landslide, but far more comfortably than last time.

  6. The Left – biting the hand that feeds it. In due course they might all eat themselves, but prompting may help speed it up. 4chan must work harder.

  7. Progressives-you know, the people who want to implement the policies of the 1930s-don’t want anybody who’s actually accomplished anything to get into elective office. The progressive Utopia is a place run by bureaucratic “experts” under the nominal guidance of the elected officials. If you elect people who have successfully run a business or built any sort of complex system, they will insist on exerting real control over the bureaucracy. This will result in the government being hijacked for the benefit of the people who pay the taxes and produce the goods, rather than its preferred purpose of enriching the bureaucratic and political “elite”.

  8. Schultz’s sin is declaring as an INDEPENDENT. Should he see this through, he will take votes from the DEMOCRATS. Which terrifies them. Their position is weak. A third party candidate who sucks up Dem votes will kill them.

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