No, really, this is very interesting

England will have no new cases of HIV by 2030, Health Secretary says

That’s toss of course. Even if we limit the statement to no new transmissions within England as opposed to tourist activities etc. We don’t even manage that with measles let alone HIV. But this bit is fascinating:

“Today we’re setting a new goal: eradicating HIV transmission in England by 2030,” he will tell the event in London, pledging £600,000 of funding towards the efforts.

Technology marches on and now HIV transmission is a trivia, a rounding error on the state, even health, budget. That’s not bad as a change is it? We didn’t even know about it at all until 1981, had no treatments until the early 90s and now? Not that eradication, that’s not what I mean, but £600k? It’s trivia, isn’t it?

Yes, yes, of course, it’s not trivia for anyone who gets it etc. But as a public health problem…..

2 thoughts on “No, really, this is very interesting”

  1. It’s quite a while since I saw the expression “public health problem” used about a genuine, albeit perhaps minor, public health problem – an actual infectious disease.

    Nowadays “public health problem” tends to mean ‘a heap of personal health problems on which the Great I Am proposes to bully you all using bogus science’.

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