Nothing went wrong, just the EU happened

Italians used to be fervently pro-EU. What went wrong?
Stefano Montefiori
Italy once stood enthusiastically at the heart of the European project. But over the years disaffection set in

So, you’re a young, lusty, hetero male and you get invited to a party that’s going to be full of ex-convent schoolgirls turned models. You gird your loins and look forward to a good time.

Experience of the actual party leads to realisation that the booze is non-alcoholic beer and lite at that, the food vegan and the lust interest are the winners of that look alike contest Dolly Parton herself lost.

A certain disappointment might set in, no? Possibly disaffection?

In fact, leaving looks like a good idea?

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  1. How long ago was it that the EU did a coup d’état in Italy and imposed their own president? I wonder if that contributed?

  2. I have a pet grand theory on a population’s keenness on European integration and state builiding. Italians and Germans were easily sold on EU integration and state building because it was easy to slip it in as a natural progression of their national stories of unification. The great national hero of the French tried to unify Europe in the the name of Fraternity and also (great whiffs of grapeshot). Austrians because well it was at the heart of a multinational Empire once and would have been fine if hadn’t been for those pesky slavs. Belgians because naturally all you need to create a nation is a fountain pen some parchment and a map. (bit stumped by holland, more research needed) So the curve of history is assumed to be in favour of a unification, and they all assume that they’ll be in charge. Disillusionment comes in when you realise you’re not in charge and haven’t got a hope of changing a thing.

  3. I was discussing Brexit and the EU with a Remainer yesterday, and his conclusion was that Italy and the Medditerranian countries not only shouldn’t have been allowed in the Euro, they shouldn’t have been allowed in the EU. Brexit would never be happening if the EU had remained a trading union of UK, France, Germany.

  4. Hallowed Be

    Holland is a province of the Netherlands, your pet theory probably needs to reference United Provinces, William of Orange, and being part of the Holy Roman Empire.

  5. DJC- Ok yes could be, but wasn’t Netherlands’ raison d’etre to escape spanish/bourbon/papal domination? And wasn’t its success based on international maritime trading beyond france and germany? That’s what i’m missing. Its closer to the British story than the others, but the united states of europe enthusiasm in the two countries are at very different levels.

  6. jgh/ Dongguan John

    Spot on – if you had an EU comprising Germany, the UK, the Nordics, France and Benelux – basically the first 9 countries excluding italy and also adding in the EFTA Accessees from 1992 there would have been a massive majority for Remain – 80% plus. You might get in the 4 existing EFTA nations as well making a trading bloc nearly as big as the one currently but excluding the PIGS who really have been the primary problematic members prior to the 2004 enlargement..

  7. Spot on – if you had an EU comprising Germany, the UK, the Nordics, France and Benelux – basically the first 9 countries excluding italy and also adding in the EFTA Accessees from 1992 there would have been a massive majority for Remain – 80% plus.

    You are ignoring one obvious fact… The EU was never designed to be a trading block. It was designed to be a governing body that would supercede the national governments of its members.

    The EU was never about trade, it was about power. It was meant to replace the aristocracy Europe destroyed in the world wars.

  8. If the Soviet Union did not exist, it would become necessary to invent it….

    Mmmmm sounds faintly familiar….

    The EU started as France’s attempt to stay important, and Germany’s attempt to buy absolution. It has since become a power grab to avoid facing an electorate.
    But so what’s new: read Albert Speer pre-1940 discussions on what looks remarkably like the EU….only slightly delayed by that Austrian fellow…

  9. DtP has it; it was intended to harness German “soft” power to the French national interest. What that arrangement looks like might as well be yet another continental european Empire.
    TtC; Whilst visiting Europe, Gorbachev is reputed to have said something along the lines of “you know the Soviet Union has just collapsed, I’m not sure why you want to build another one.”

  10. i was born in 1958 so never had a chance to vote in the 1975 referendum – so for all my working life i had no chance to vote about the eu until 2016. There are millions in a similar position who never had a chance to vote about the eu until 2016. Where is the remainers concern for those who have been in a similar position who spent the majority of their working life with no say about the eu?

  11. You’ll often hear a remainer say they hate the CAP but we must be at the table making the rules.
    Turnout at the 2014 European elections : 35.6%
    So no, the UK doesn’t care to have anyone at the table making the rules. We do not want any representation at your table. Heck, the number is even lower if we take out the UKIP + Hannan vote.
    At least half of Americans want there to be a President.

  12. They never wanted young people to vote in 1975.

    Surely if are all too thick to know how to vote in the first referendum, why have another? We are still too thick.

    I nearly drove off the road in rage listening to that cunt Heseltine on R4 this morning.

  13. The ignorance of Remainers is astounding

    EU Supergirl believes MEPs make and approve EU Laws

    More appropriate is Remainers didn’t and still don’t know what they voted for


  14. @ Hector Drummond
    Except for Luxembourg, of course.
    Oh, I forgot to mention, also except for EU bureaucrats and parliamentarians in Brussels.

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