Didn’t a Tarantino movie open with this?

Phoenix police are investigating possible sex abuse at a nursing facility after a female patient in a vegetative state recently gave birth, reports CBS Phoenix affiliate KPHO-TV. Sources tell the station a near-drowning incident at least a decade ago left the alleged victim in that condition and she’s been a patient at the Hacienda HealthCare facility ever since.

She gave birth to a baby boy on Dec. 29. KPHO learned that the baby is healthy.

Twat at The Guardian alert

We would not expect a pub landlord to charge people different prices based on income, with a pint of beer costing some 20p and others £20. Even if such a system might be theoretically perfectly fair, we would recognise the almighty mess it would cause in practice.

They do and always have. Saloon bar was always more expensive than the public. And that’s before we even get to the difference in prices across pubs, some being expensive precisely to keep the riff raff out.

What would these people do if The Guardian wasn’t willing to pay them, eh?

Umm, why?

Parliament must “seriously consider” levying a tax on meat to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and help to render the farming industry carbon neutral, the Green party MP, Caroline Lucas, is urging.

She will say on Friday that a meat tax in the UK could be offset for more sustainable meat producers, such as organic livestock farmers, through more money for sustainable agriculture schemes.

Don’t organic cows burp just as much?

This surprises every sailor in the country, right?

The UK Border Force is risking collisions in the Channel, say experts, as it is claimed their vessels are acting in an “unseaman-like” manner by turning off tracking systems.

Merchant shipping operating on autopilot in one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes often rely on the location devices as their “only means of anti-collision”.

The Border Force cutters operating off the Kent coast have potentially risked collision by failing to use the internationally-recognised Automatic Identification System (AIS), which alerts fellow seafarers and coastal authorities of their location, route and other safety-related information to aid safe passage at sea.

I hadn’t realised that the system allowed the immigration stasi to drive their own boats. Can’t help thinking that allowing the RN to do the seamanship bit might not be better. Or the water wing of the Girl Guides perhaps.

Neat rhetorical trick

Rather than viewing Dry January as a threat to their business, the alcohol industry views it as a neat distraction from an inconvenient truth. Although alcohol consumption is declining overall, 4.4% of the population account for more than 30% of all the alcohol sold in the UK. But Dry January is not aimed at high-risk drinkers, as Alcohol Change UK makes clear. It would be potentially life-threatening for people in this group to suddenly stop drinking. They need specialist support to reduce their alcohol intake if they are to avoid harming their health or, worse, dying.

Abrupt alcohol withdrawal can kill. So there is a real danger that these campaigns play well with the alcohol industry as they distract attention from a group of people who are at the greatest risk of dying prematurely due to alcohol.

You’ve got to be really caning it – couple of bottles of spirits a day level – for going cold turkey on booze to kill you. So, nice rhetorical trick there but no cigar really.

Yes, well done Natalie

Here, in the bloodlands of Belarus, I found hope for the future of Europe
Natalie Nougayrède


Minsk is, of course, outside the European Union, in a nation where a dictator rules, in something of a grey zone between Europe and Russia. Few people in western Europe know about Belarus, let alone have been there. Yet it should be prominent in our consciences. “Belarus was the worst place to be in world war two,” the historian Timothy Snyder once noted. In his book Bloodlands, Snyder recounts how 14 million people were murdered between 1933 and 1945 in an area that stretches from the Baltic sea to the Black sea, with Belarus worst affected: a quarter of its population were killed as a result of both Stalin’s and Hitler’s policies.

We ignore much about our continent’s history if we overlook the plight of this region, where the two totalitarian systems converged with horrific consequences – at once plotting together and competing as they laid claim to territory and exterminated those living there, or deported people there to die.

Yes, quite, the dream or European Unity is so supported by the slaughter of the two previous attempts at European Unity, isn’t it?

I know I’ve asked this before but internet advertising revenues

I did ask this months back and the answer I got was $5 per 000. Or even £5 per 000.

That is, how much revenue should you expect to get from a certain amount of traffic being shown ads?

The answer back was that $5 per thousand, or even £5 per thousand, was about right.

This is obviously of importance to me as Cont Tel is intended to make a contribution to living costs. And at current pageview levels it would at that sort of rate. A contribution that is, not cover them entirely.

But the rate appears to be very much lower. More like 0.50 per 000.

So, what’s wrong here?

One option is that I’ve misunderstood. That it’s not per 000 pageviews, but per 000 visitors. We do tend to get multiple pageviews per visitor.

Another is that the readership tends to be an extension of you tech savvy people and thus we’re facing a higher than average incidence of ad blockers.

A third that we’re getting the advertising wrong – not sure how, as we’re using Google’s services just like everyone else.

A fourth is that ad rates rise as volumes do. It requiring, say, 2 or 3 million pageviews a month before reaching those giddy heights of $5 per 000?

So, anyone actually know here? Any readers who work with this sort of stuff?

Biased, partial or what?

Brazil Is About To Show The World How A Modern Democracy Collapses
Far-right president Jair Bolsonaro is a threat to Brazilian democracy — and a model for authoritarianism that leaders around the world will follow.
By Travis Waldron
01/01/2019 08:00 am ET

Right wing bloke takes power, chunter, chunter, chunter.

Meanwhile the country next door, Venezuela, actually has collapsed as a country, economy and democracy. But that’s different because reasons.

That’s just how it works love

I recently found out that a man sitting next to me in the office, who reports to me directly, is being paid £20,000 more than I earn annually. It might sound crass, but my reaction to this news has materialised as the five stages of grief. Grief, quite possibly, for my withering sense of self-worth.

At first comes denial. Surely this is a misunderstanding. Though we have our differences, my media mogul managers and I share a fundamental passion for progressiveness and – do I even have to say it? – an aversion to blatant discrimination. The organisation is meant to be famous for it.

Then anger strikes. It’s raw and blinding. I’d heard stories about such cases – reported them to death, in fact – but never had I felt so ridiculed. I’ve just had a baby. I’ve been negotiating my return to work. My desk neighbour is undeniably excellent at his job. He’s an ambitious and diligent employee with admittedly a few more years of experience than me. He’s a leader in his field, but when hired, I was deemed senior enough – amply mature, responsible and talented – to commission him, edit him and perform all the other far more mundane tasks of management.

Perhaps on account of his stellar reputation within the industry, a pay gap is justified, but the sheer size of this particular chasm has burned my ego to a crisp.

If you’re in the business of managing talent then it’s common enough for real talent to be paid more than the management. Those who commission and subedit Polly, Simon Jenkins, Boris, Michael Gove even, are going to be paid less than they are. That’s just the way it works. Football managers are often paid less than their star players.

That’s just the way it works in talent businesses, those with it get more. Nowt to do with gender. Although this crisis this lack of knowledge on your part seems to have pushed you into might have something to do with gender.