Shouldn’t we be using Lancasters as well?

The deeper meaning being that a good half of the country – perhaps that 52% last time we properly measured this – would be whooping with joy if only she had done this. There being little that 12 cylinders of Merlin and some .303 that wouldn’t get our point across to the continentals.

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  1. Bit difficult to use “Lancasters” (in the plural) – We currently have one airworthy example – with the BBMF – the Canadians having the only other. Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Museum is working to get “Just Jane” back to flying condition, but that is still some time away. There are several airworthy DC3’s available, which could be used for dropping suitable “encouragement” on Brussels…

  2. The Other Bloke in Italy

    Trouble would be, finding the men. My Dad is the last surviving member of his Lancaster crew, and he admits he is not what he was.

    Best to use those new-fangled jets or have the Royal Navy lob a missile.

  3. Could probably fly a Lancaster to Brussels, bomb it and fly home before they got one of their F16s in the air.

  4. “and some .303”

    They were found to be a bit pea-shooterish.

    They were combined with or replaced in full by 20mm cannon which in inches was about 0.787

  5. @chernyy-Drakon

    The Tallboy was the baby brother of the Grand Slam (Tallboy was 12,000lbs, Grand Slam 22,000lbs.)

    Both were dropped by Lancasters, not jets.

    There’s still a crater in the New Forest from when they test dropped a Grand Slam

  6. She wouldn’t be able to drag a very big white flag behind a spitfire, a lancaster would be much more suitable.

  7. You want to give a hopeless fuck-up like May a Lancaster?

    Say goodbye to Coventry, because that’s probably what she’d hit.

  8. The Grand Slam crater is only a few hundred yards from the U-Boat pens, which miles from the sea, is an odd place for them 🙂

    Re the EU, the only leaving gift we should deliver is 8kg of Pu239. For ease of delivery it should be squashed up really small. Need a westerly wind though.

  9. I was thinking the Tallboy would be sufficient for emphasis.

    We can save the Grand Slams for when we really need to drive a point home…

  10. @The Other Bloke in Italy January 31, 2019 at 1:04 pm

    Good idea, nothing to stop us – Luftwaffe only have ~6 airworthy Typhoons & last I checked all their Tornados are not airworthy

  11. Biased BBC

    Queston Time 31/01/2019 – Lincoln.

    On the panel are
    Helen Whately MP – Con weak Leave, supports May’s surrender
    Richard Burgon MP – Lab Corbynite
    Juergen Maier – Remoaner & Siemens UK boss
    Gina Miller – – Remoaner
    Camilla Tominey – Token Brexiter

    Ghastly panel bar Camilla – place a fireguard in front of TV

  12. @Pcar – in a delicious irony the Polish Armed forces are in a much stronger position than the german armed forces (most of the german’s tanks are out of service as well) Bout time the poles got their revenge. I note the german army contingent in afghanistan was described as “an aggresive camping unit”

  13. Pcar – so you’re saying that the Battle of Britain Memorial flight has more functioning warplanes than the Luftwaffe!


  14. Moqifen,

    Could be wrong, but I was under the impression that the Hun (eventually) put a medical unit into Afghanistan, with a protection/security unit attached. Which caused enough internal political grief, what with the post-war constitution and all.

    Which the Kraut squaddies promptly added to, getting photographed wearing t-shirts proudly emblazoned with the slogan “further east than grandpa got”.

    But in German, obv.

  15. Shouldn’t we be using Lancasters as well?

    No Tim, we should be using nukes. Not one of those poncy half-yank one’s that hide beneath the coattails of HMS Vengeance, but those multimegaton bastards that they hide in the back room at AWE Aldermaston.

    Berlin, Paris, Brussels and Strasbourg to make sure, then hang any survivors.

    There will be no collateral damage as anyone blown away by the might of our atomry was clearly bloody asking for it.

  16. @Gamecock

    According to what I can read, your Massive Ordinance Air Bomb weighs 21,600lb. Not bad and almost as heavy as the Grand Slam bomb the RAF was dropping in 1944 (22,000lb)*

    But I do think it is an amusing reflection of the British sense of humour that whilst you Americans named your bomb as you did, the official name of the Grand Slam was;

    Bomb, Medium Capacity, 22,000lb

    As if we had something even bigger on the way.

    *OK, the American bomb had a bigger blast yield (11.6 tons TNT equivalent to 6.5 tons for the British bomb) but the MOAB is an airburst design and the Grand Slam was ground penetrative, beautifully designed to spin into the ground at near the speed of sound. The MOAB is really a few shipping containers welded together, filed with explosives and thrown out the back of a plane.

  17. Something we learned in South Africa in 1976 was that when you start shooting people, they have a strange habit of shooting back.

    In WW2, Spits, Hurribirds, Tiffies and Tempests had a hard time over Europe because they were used little for combat air patrol and mainly for highly dangerous ground attack or suicidal suppression of enemy air defences. The attack aircraft of choice would have been a Pathfinder Mosquito.

  18. “So you’re saying that the Battle of Britain Memorial flight has more functioning warplanes than the Luftwaffe!”

    The last time I visited the BBMF base at RAF Conningsby (admittedly at least 15 years ago), they proudly told us that their serviceability was the highest – over 90% – of the entire RAF fleet. And that while looking after 70+ year old aircraft! And doing it on a budget which amounts to pocket money, compared to the grand scheme of things. They also informed us that the Lanc is the ONLY strategic, heavy bomber in the RAF – none of the modern jets have the ability to carry a 22,000lb bomb…


    @ Andrew C January 31, 2019 at 1:58 pm

    The remaining visible bomb crater is that of a Tallboy. The Grand Slam crater was filled in according to the above guide. It was about the same distance north from the ‘sub pen’ as the Tallboy. See images 6/11, 9/11 and 11/11 and compare with Google satellite view at the bottom of the page.

    @ AndyC February 1, 2019 at 5:41 am

    I suspect the ‘medium capacity’ referred to the explosive content versus total weight. See image 2/11 of various bomb types. Grand Slam and Tallboy are both labelled MC, along with the 4,000 lb, 1,000 lb and 500lb bombs. There are also 12,000 lb and 8,000 lb HC (high capacity?) bombs. The reinforced casing of the Tallboy and Grand Slam would reduce the explosive charge. I assume GP means general purpose.


  20. @moqifen January 31, 2019 at 9:36 pm

    “aggressive camping” – that was Col Tim Collins politely described German & several other EU’s Armies after joint exercises.

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