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So, newspaper share tipping columns

Anyone know which papers carry them these days?

Lex in the FT, Questor in the Telegraph, both behind subscription walls.

Can’t seem to find on in the Times and Express, Guardian never ran one I think?

Found the Mail’s one, Midas?

Evening Standard used to have very good City pages but does it still when free?

The Sun? Mirror? Indy?

Any other sources? What I’m looking for are pieces which say “do something”. Buy, sell, hold, whatever. With reasoning given.

anyone know of good sources? Or even newspaper tip sheet columns I’ve not found?

17 thoughts on “So, newspaper share tipping columns”

  1. Haven’t read a print copy of any paper for donkeys by now but;

    I can remember reading (? – laughing at more like) such columns in The Sun, and The Mirror. The Stan’ardd did used to be quite good (Alexander Whatisface?) and City Diary, but don’t recall a tipping column as such.

    For what it’s worth, I suspect that FSMA2000 effectively killed them dead, on the grounds that they constituted Financial Advice, and the papers ran away at high speed on the advice of lawyers.

    If they’re still going, the last type I saw was in the form of an interview with an analyst or two running through research they had already written and published. Reasoning was severely limited.

  2. I don’t think the Mirror has run one since two of its ‘City Slickers’ got banged up for ‘pump & dump’ back in 2005.

  3. @pcsr
    Well said indeed
    Though to answer one question in there, what sort of country is it that you can’t imsult a politician the answer is France I believe as they have laws about insulting public officials

  4. Pcar,

    Get with the programme, will you? Everyone to the right of Dennis Skinner is a “far-right Nazi” now.

  5. “ I suspect that FSMA2000 effectively killed them dead, on the grounds that they constituted Financial Advice”

    They don’t count as financial advice, weirdly perhaps. ‘Journalism’ gets an exception.

  6. Already been analysed.
    Search ‘betfair forum broker forecasts’.
    Don’t follow the brokers is the basic message.

    Maybe you want something where you can analyse the newspaper tipsters – a bit like the Racing Post naps table for horse-racing.
    The serious minded forecasters ( I get the Hargreaves Lansdown email once a fortnight or so ) always give themselves an out by saying ‘consider following’, ‘one to watch’ and non-committal things like that, without stating specifically to buy or sell this or that.

  7. HL and their ilk are another weird one. Or at least they used to be, it’s possible regulations have changed in the last few years.

    What they send out looks and feels very much like financial advice. But it’s not. It’s ‘marketing’, as you will notice if you spot the weasel words in the small print. It’s why the style contains so many of the ‘one to watch’-type phrases.

    Personally I always thought this was *way* dodgier than the journalists thing. HL sways huge amounts of retail assets, a huge proportion of people think they were getting advice when reading their newsletter or hot 100 lists, when some of that stuff could be deeply inappropriate given their personal circumstances. But fund managers basically got on those lists by paying HL (although there was some editorial control to give it a fig leaf of respectability).

    This was pre-RDR so it may have been tightened up a bit, I’m no longer a customer so haven’t been following it.

    Personally I’m quite liberal over these things, but what’s wrong is that certain parts of the industry get a much easier ride than others when it comes to regulation.

  8. Ducky McDuckface said:
    “For what it’s worth, I suspect that FSMA2000 effectively killed them dead, on the grounds that they constituted Financial Advice”

    No, it seems to be allowed under FSMA:
    – I think it escapes being treated as “advice” under the main FSMA restrictions because it’s not directed at a specific person;
    – it would be caught under the secondary rules about “promotions”, but that has specific exemptions for journalists.

  9. @BniC January 8, 2019 at 9:00 pm

    Can’t insult a politician: France – yes. Also Germany*, Holland…

    * Germany – see comedian prosecuted for insulting Erdogan

    EU and UK, it’s like two different planets and more one discovers, more different they are.

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