Some still not getting it

Crisis loomed when global prices fell, production stagnated, the value of the currency dropped, and under Maduro, dependence on imports and retail monopolies meant shortages that hurt many. That responsibility lies with the government and the industrialist rightwing opposition.

Ho Yus. It’s the right wing, the industrialists, the wreckers, responsible again for the failure of socialism.

Oscar Guardiola-Rivera teaches human rights and philosophy at Birkbeck College, University of London

Philosophy requires at least a working knowledge of logic, doesn’t it?

No, there is no comment section on this one, even The Guardian knows that won’t work.

17 thoughts on “Some still not getting it”

  1. Damn right-wing capitalists and their… [shuffles deck, pulls card] … inability to continue providing the necessities of life under a retarded socialist kleptocracy!

    Oscar Guardiola-Rivera teaches human rights and philosophy at Birkbeck College, University of London

    Amazing how many socialists decline to actually live in their favourite workers’ paradises.

  2. “Washington awaits developments on the ground while keeping “all options on the table”. That’s doublespeak for hoping the heavy-handed response by Maduro’s government would provide moral justification for an intervention that would surely be approved by the Organization of American States.”

    “They made me crack those protesting peasants’ heads, the dastardly capitalist ruffians!”

  3. allthegoodnamesaretaken

    “Most academics are out of touch with the real world and have little useful to say about it.

    (This view, of course, is not conventional among academics, most of whom fancy themselves as possessing deep insight into, and special knowledge of, the workings of the economy and society. In addition to these absurd fancies, most academics also believe – even more absurdly – that they are of nobler and purer character than are the icky likes of entrepreneurs, investors, and other profit-seeking business people – people who are actually willing and able to be productive in ways judged as such by real-world consumers; ways that not one academic in 500 could possibly pull off. Academics, in general, – and like politicians – ought not be taken seriously. A shockingly large number of them are ignorant and officious fools.)”

  4. I feel sure that loss of British citizenship and a quick and involuntary flight to Caracas could be arranged for Oscar.

    Even better if it were the opening shot in the Purge. A lot of these leftscum Unihacks are imports. De-importing them solves several problems at once.

  5. Rob

    In lefty land truth is a construct. What matters is the narrative, and the narrative is a plucky socialist battling against the powers that be, and being tragically confounded by the eeevil USA.

    In the Graiad-shite that’s all that matters.

  6. Oscar is a Reader in Law with “research interests” in:
    The theory and history of human rights & popular constitutionalism in comparative perspective.
    Post-human rights.
    The relationship between writing, history, and politics.
    Latin American history and literature.
    Phenomenology: Hegelian, Sartrean & Fanonian perspectives.
    Slavery, anti-slavery, liberties & commons.
    Cognitive science & philosophy.
    Law & social theory and anthropology.
    Economics and post-development.

  7. Steve

    ‘Amazing how many socialists decline to actually live in their favourite workers’ paradises.’

    And indeed that is the case – he shouldn’t be given a choice – he should put on a plane to Venezuela or North Korea and not allowed to return. I’m sick of this kind of cretin

  8. ‘That responsibility lies with the government and the industrialist rightwing opposition.’

    Resisting theft of your property makes you ‘rightwing?’ And why would industrialists have ‘responsibility’ for the failure of the communist takeover of the economy?

    There is no cultural hegemony (Gramsci) in Venezuela to support the communist takeover. The ‘revolution,’ like all communist revolutions, was doomed to fail. The fact that a revolution is required to implement communism guarantees that it will fail.

    The Catch-22 of communist revolutions.

    This isn’t secret stuff. It’s been known for 80 years. Professor -Rivera is not fit for purpose.

  9. A cynic might point out that if socialist utopias can be so easily derailed then they are not a practical form of social organisation.

  10. VP – Agreed. Surely he’s bedblocking a job that an indigenous English socialist bedwetter could do just as well.

  11. The promised Brexit cull of foreign academics from our shores, myth though it is, has never looked more like a promise and less like a threat.

  12. @ The Other Bloke in Italy
    That is a question that I cannot answer with any certainty – for an optimistic view I should refer you to Dr Asimov and for a pessimistic one to H G Wells.

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