Tell it like it is Brother!

Newspapers Being Eaten By Their Own Arses

5 thoughts on “Tell it like it is Brother!”

  1. Absolutely applicable to my local rag, which subsists on regurgitated PR puff pieces and one reporter’s obsession with dogging and sex workers.

  2. Bloke no Longer in Austria

    I stopped buying the print Telegraph years ago because it turned so crap, so why would I bother signing up to a paywall version, when I probably nly want to read Janet Daley ?
    The Speccie is a bt different, if I see more than two columns that are behind a firewall, I’ll go and buy the magazine.

    The writer is spot n when he says

    And those assholes who put their ‘content’ behind some wall where you need to register as if you’re entering a government building need a wall built around their ignorant arses. First create proper content before you start making it difficult to access.

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