The value of a Fair Tax Mark

Recall what the pitch for the Fair Tax Mark is. That the company will be higher valued as a result of making it clear that it operates to the highest moral standards:

FTSE 100-member SSE’s share price is in freefall!


6 thoughts on “The value of a Fair Tax Mark”

  1. I am no fan of RM and he writes a lot of nonsense. Fair tax mark stuff though is ok..and to relate that SSE share price is playground stuff.

    Have a look at the dispute with Bill Mitchell (the MMT god), that is interesting

  2. “Fair tax mark stuff though is ok”

    No it’s not. It’s bollocks.

    No accreditation, no supervision, no accountability, no appeals process, no publication of the result of reviews. They set their own criteria and can ignore their own rules if they want to (presumably if the fee is big enough).

    Money in one end, FTM out the other. Like a big crap after a curry.

  3. “Fair tax mark stuff though is ok”

    Nope. All it does is tell people that know tax that you don’t.

  4. Its a process.

    Hand over money and they give the fair tax mark. Its same as me handing over money at the supermarket for a tin of beans. They sell beans, I buy beans.

    If they were more honest they’d simply say they were selling the mark retail.
    I’ve been involved a few times when organisations I work with have gone for accredited marks.
    Long process, plenty of evidence, interviews, explanations, often changes to the organisation to meet the requirements such a bunch of new policies.

    This ‘buy a mark’ business is much simpler. Doesn’t mean anything though.

  5. A reminder as we approach year 5 of FTM v2 (year 7 if you include Ritchie’s initial project) that they appear to list just 43 accredited companies. A few big ones, then the Co-ops and then some small companies and one-man bands. (Including Lush that funds Ethical Consumer, and Ethical Consumer that runs the FTM!)

    Remember the business plan said they’d get 350 in 3 years and that would probably be a low estimate. So it’s a flop even by their own standards. How long will Ritchie keep saying even the Fair Trade Mark took time to get traction?

    Most recent accounts show that at the end of 2017 they were creaming in 100 grand a year out of those (then fewer) companies so as a protection racket, it’s quite effective. Need to look at the history for any companies that had a FTM but now don’t bother.

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