They’ve got this so wrong

It’s actually sad to see scientific organisations descending to this level of idiocy:

The European chemists organisation – EuChemS – has just added to the torrent of environmental drivel with their new periodic table. They’re trying to tell us which elements are going to run out when and thus tell us all that we’ve got to recycle. The entire process is bunkum because they’ve not understood the first thing about the supply of minerals. They simply do not know the meaning of mineral reserve that is.


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  1. Tim

    You need to update the link – you put in the wrong piece of idiocy – about Fossil Fuel subsidies not elements running out

  2. Sometimes I think the world should be handed over to economists. Chinese economists. Chinese Jewish economists.

    Then I think, nah. Can you imagine gefilte fish with sweet and sour sauce? Plus, they’d get duffed-up.

  3. I’m sure they know (what ‘mineral reserve’ means). They’re just counting on the reporters and their readers not knowing.

    You’re reading this like it’s a scientific presentation, and it’s not. It’s a political statement, and so it will be couched in political terms, ie, with the necessary amount of misstatement and misdirection required to present the required political message. Science has nothing to do with it, except as the background for the message. It’s like the Soviet-era announcements about the amazing success of the latest five-year plan – it had nothing to do with the number of boots produced or the tons of wheat harvested, except tangentially. This is the same.



  4. They must not have learned the lesson of the Simon – Ehrlich wager – or hope that we have not learned form it.

  5. It’s a déformation professionnelle among scientists to think in simple lumps. You’d probably find that they largely subscribe to the Lump of Labour Fallacy too.


    Once again the Leave 29th March Petition. Please circulate it to everyone you can.

    I agree petitions are far from ideal but at this juncture any extra pressure on the treachers is of value. They are getting it slowly that we aren’t going to take their crap and any re-inforcement of that is good.


  7. @Gamecock @llamas

    Indeed, as is the entire output of the left.

    “world and its people in pretty decent shape, all things considered and especially compared with 100 years ago”

    Isn’t going to generate any grants or stir up any anger.

    So “the world is going to end in 10 years time if we don’t do something now and it’s all the fault of Neoliberal and can we have a big grant” becomes their mantra.

    Millions of modern slaves are kept by white middle aged men who kill their wives in between destroying the planet. And Neoliberal.

  8. Today’s news is antibiotic resistance is “just as big a danger as climate change”
    ……. minimal danger that is easy to adapt to then? Thank goodness for that.

  9. ‘They simply do not know the meaning of mineral reserve that is.’

    Nor the meaning of that universal, scientific principle the conservation of matter.

    ‘It’s actually sad to see scientific organisations descending to this level of idiocy:’

    See climate ‘science’ which has pioneered this descent.

  10. @John B January 24, 2019 at 3:40 pm

    “conservation of matter”

    Yep. Same as water-shoratge; it’s like the “sciencentists” believe we’re filling rockets with H2O et al and blasting it off to outer space.

    BBC Silent Witness – Brighton: do we really employ large gangs to search through all land-fill waste as it’s dumped?

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