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This is easy to explain

German navy spent £120m repairing sailing ship while troops face shortages

Troops are in the Army and why should the Navy care about them?

Not that that’s the actual story but the Telegraph subs would, once, have pointed this out themselves. And had another headline.

8 thoughts on “This is easy to explain”

  1. I almost, almost, feel sorry for Germany. They get moaned at for not spending enough on defense but if they did everyone would tell them to stop rearming because they can’t help themselves to not invade the rest of Europe.

  2. Just when Europe actually needs a powerful, well-trained and aggressive Wehrmacht to help roll back the Muslim invasion, they go all weak and pathetic.

    If that isn’t irony I don’t know what is.

  3. It’s a cracker though. Initial estimate eight and a half million and four months, three years and a hundred and twenty million later it’s still in pieces. Makes the IT guys look like pikers.

  4. John: That’s why this is being done. Get the defence budget up to show off to Trump, but spend it ineffectively on something that is entirely useless.

    Berlin Brandenburg Airport
    Stuttgart 21
    The current state of the railways,

  5. ‘The German navy has come under fire for spending millions on repairing a historic tall ship at a time when frontline units are facing serious equipment shortages.’

    Where is this ‘frontline?’

    ‘Soldiers had been forced to borrow equipment from other units in order to meet their duties, Dr Bartels said.’

    So they actually have the equipment they need.

  6. Doesn’t appear to be much vorsprung in that particular technik

    When I worked in Germany, my colleagues almost pissed themselves when I told them Audi’s UK strapline. They have a much more realistic view of the abilities of German industry – far from “Advanced Engineering from Germany”, they reckon AEG stands for “Auspacken, Einschalten, Gebrochen” (roughly: unpack it, plug it in, it’s broken). And we claim Germans lack a sense of humour 🙂

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