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It’s generally the left who insist upon the legitimacy of the international community. You know, binding international law and all that, we get to tell others what to do:

Venezuela’s political crisis was turned on its head on Wednesday as a succession of world powers declared they were recognizing the opposition leader Juan Guaidó as the South American country’s rightful interim president.

“The citizens of Venezuela have suffered for too long at the hands of the illegitimate Maduro regime,” Donald Trump tweeted as he announced what some believe could prove a game-changing decision.

Soon after, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Argentina, Paraguay and Costa Rica said they would follow suit – although Mexico’s left-leaning government said there would be no change of policy for now and Bolivia’s president, Evo Morales, attacked what he called an imperialist assault on South America’s right to democracy and self-determination.

Now that the international community is insisting that Bolivarian socialism is a crock, what’s a good lefty to do?

Side, as normal, with the international community? Or with socialism?

Yes, of course we know the answer. But fun to watch the squirming all he same.

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  1. ‘Increased economic sanctions could exacerbate an already severe humanitarian emergency that the UN says has created the biggest migration crisis in recent Latin American history’

    For the scum at the Guardian and their ilk, it’s always been the sanctions that have caused the problems, not the regime.

  2. Well, lefties, it’s easy-peasy innit?

    Trump is a fascist dictator, so it’s not the international community, it’s imperial aggression. Problem solved.

  3. Vengeance on that socialist scum Maduro. A wonderful prospect. Scummy socialist dictator and parasite torn limb from limb by howling mob. Hope they can force Chavez’s bitch of a daughter to hand over every cent of the $4 billion her puke Daddy stole–and then jail her for life at hard labour.

    Has scumboy Owen Jones got any comment yet I wonder?


  4. Life comes at you fast, Latin American worker’s paradise edition:

    “Thanks Hugo Chavez for showing that the poor matter and wealth can be shared. He made massive contributions to Venezuela & a very wide world.” – Jeremy Corbyn

    “I think the importance of Venezuela is it shows another way is possible. Obviously it’s got oil wealth which makes a difference, but nonetheless, they’ve sought to invest in the country and they’ve sought to continue to fight poverty.” – Diane Abbott

    “[In Venezuela] you had the contrast between capitalism in crisis and socialism in action.” – John McDonnell

    “Hugo Chavez proves you can lead a progressive, popular government that says no to neo-liberalism.” – Owen Jones

  5. NB allegedly the Venezuelan parliament declared Guido (or whatever his name is) their new El Presidente, and has the constitutional right to do so.

    So the gringos are just responding to the legal facts on the ground, which is why various heads of government including Fidel Castro’s son in Canada have called on Evil Bob Carolgees to step down.

    Even France has taken a short break from violently supressing popular protests to denounce Venezuela for violently supressing popular protests.

  6. Worzel said:
    “For the scum at the Guardian and their ilk, it’s always been the sanctions that have caused the problems, not the regime.”

    Yes, always amazed me how, according to the Left’s arguments about Cuban sanctions, socialism can only work if it can trade with the capitalist USA.

  7. Ecks always leaves these things open to interpretation, but I’m getting the sense he’s not a fan of Maduro.

  8. Remember two things. After all these years of misery, Venezuelans would still vote for another socialist, because “that wasn’t real socialism.” They deserve everything they got and when it comes to sympathy for them my heart is like stone. Second, Guaido is also a lefty. The best that can be hoped for is that he allows some free market reforms, after which he will be voted out, if he doesn’t get hanged from a crane first. This is not the start of a new era. It is merely a plot twist.

  9. “Side, as normal, with the international community? Or with socialism?

    Yes, of course we know the answer.”

    The answer is, as it always is (and has been parroted for several years now), that ‘this isn’t real socialism’. Thereby allowing them to side with socialism *and* the international community against the Maduro regime.

    They will, of course, still oppose anything Trump does to help the Venezuelans simply because its Trump and even if he’s doing the right thing he’ll be doing it wrong and for the wrong reasons.

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