Well, no, not really Barbara

In the same week, Microsoft multibillionaire Bill Gates was snapped queueing for a drive-in burger in Seattle,

Here is that snap.

One of the features of a drive-in being that you don’t end up on your own two feet in a queue – you sit in a queue in your car.


18 thoughts on “Well, no, not really Barbara”

  1. In Australia, it’s illegal, for elf and safety reasons, for pedestrians to use the drive in.

    What is ridiculous is the notion that there is anything more behind it than that Bill and the missus fancied a burger. I note he is also wearing ordinary people clothes rather than the DJ such people should be wearing morning, noon and night.

  2. Is Mr. Gates burnishing his man of the people image in preparation for an election run? I can’t imagine he does this regularly, and it would be simplicity itself to get someone to take the snap and publish it.

  3. I think Mr Gates should be under 24-hour surveillance and have his every move, every word spoken, and every shit taken live-streamed for us all to see. The same goes for Fuckerberg, Brin, and the rest of them.

  4. Ok Barbara you got a point. The juxtaposition of candelabras and polystyrene was rather obvious, but suppose it had to be commented on. But i snorted at Gatsbyesque- slipping in both the imagery and subliminally the rise and fall metaphor was clever.

  5. Don’t most fast food establishments have an indoor bit where most people go if they want to queue on foot? Why would anyone want to queue on foot in the bit that is specifically designed for cars?

  6. Gates was historically a geek and/or nerd with very few airs and graces and Trump has a well known liking for junk food.

    Guardianistas and the like belong to the perpetually outraged and will never be satisfied.

    Next they’ll be outraged that Trump takes a shit while sitting on porcelain and wipes his arse with toilet paper, unlike a large portion of the rest of the world.

    Like not shitting in your own water supply is proof of white privilege.

  7. ‘For him, junk food signifies being down to earth; to others, it is all that they can afford.’

    Junk food (sic) is expensive.

    Barbara’s actual complaint is that Trump is breathing. As long as he is president, she and her ilk will pick at everything he does. It’s called “journalism.”

    Note that Trump brought journalism back to life in America. It had been dead for 8 years. Whatever Obama said and did was just fine with them. Killing people in Pakistan and Afghanistan with drones? Fine. Taking no action – forbidding action – on an attack on an American embassy? Fine.

    This journalism went a long way toward getting Trump elected. Their pettiness was quickly recognized, and the perpetual dumbass stories just brought attention to Trump. Trump knew it, and kept tweaking the press.

    Two years of “Russia did it!” isn’t helping the Dems.

  8. IIRC Bill always flew at the back of the plane when he was CEO of MS.

    Quite right. Last 2 rows of seats are usually the safest on the airplane in the event of a crash (provided we’re talking a commercial jet with a stewards section and two sets of doors at the back).

    Then again your chances of having a crash nowadays outside of some 3rd world shithole are pretty small, literally lottery winning probabilities.

    Even if you did have a crash you have a 90% chance of walking away from it. Air travel is pretty amazingly safe nowadays. A few rare events that are highly publicized being very exceptional (9/11 hijacking, MH 370, etc.)

  9. Pat,

    “Is Mr. Gates burnishing his man of the people image in preparation for an election run? I can’t imagine he does this regularly, and it would be simplicity itself to get someone to take the snap and publish it.”

    Why would Bill be interested in going into politics? Bill’s a nerd. He likes doing things. He had a vision of a PC on every desk, achieved it, got bored and went and did something else. He’s getting new technology created for all sorts of socially useful purposes. He has this foundation with $50bn in it and he can very quickly get on and do things. Try that in government.

    And Bill is a lot like this. Nerds are. There’s a lack of golddiggers around silicon valley because nerds don’t blow money on being peacocks. Zuckerberg drives a $30K car.

  10. Billionaire eating takeaway burgers? Isn’t Bill just proving that he really is the bad guy from Kingsman?

  11. There’s a story about Bill G being wined and dined at a very expensive East Coast establishment. When shown the menu, he asked the waiter to go next door and bring him a Double Whopper (which he did – history does not relate how much ‘corkage’ was charged).

  12. I think Bill probably just fancied a burger, but it was a convenient way of sending a message to people trying to influence him with a fancy meal.

    (I got the tale from a senior MS exec while visiting Seattle.)

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