Well, no, not so much

Arizona: Four women convicted after leaving food and water in desert for migrants

A lot of weight upon that “after” there.

A federal judge has found four women guilty of entering a national wildlife refuge without a permit

That’s the misdemeanor – think £5 fine from the magistrates level of crime – they’ve been found guilty of.

9 thoughts on “Well, no, not so much”

  1. I live near there – the western edge of the Cabeza Prieta Wildlife Refuge.

    They got hit with three charges, each carries a $5000/6 months in jail max sentence.

    What’s ridiculous is that at least one sentence – entering without a permit – could have been avoided as permits are *free* (granted, part of the refuge is closed for part of the year during wild sheep breeding season).

    And they’re very serious about the ‘no vehicles off trail’.

  2. This has being happening for years and under Obama the “gifts” were actively found & destroyed, but msm ignored.

    I’ve encountered SJWs who equate helping illegal immigrants with those who helped escaped POWs in WWII

    Not remotely similar – escaped POWs were returning to their home country, not invading another.

  3. escaped POWs were returning to their home country, not invading another

    Don’t disagree with the rest of the post, but <pendantry>those POWs would generally have had to invade another country to have been captured in the first place…</pendantry>

  4. If they’re military, they’re not in uniform which makes them spies, which is an instant against-the-wall shooting offence.

  5. @ Bloke in Wales
    Lots of British PoWs were in France/Belgium at the invitation of the French/Belgian government when they were captured. Very very few British soldiers were captured in Germany.

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