An entire year group at a European state school in Oxfordshire could be forced to abandon their education in the event of a no-deal Brexit, school leaders have said.

Year 11 students at Europa school in Culham, Oxfordshire, are studying for a European baccalaureate (EB), but are currently in limbo, with many believing they will not be able to complete their education if the UK crashes out of the EU.

The school teaches a multilingual curriculum and is the only school in the country that offers the EB, a qualification backed by the EU that it would be unable to offer in the event of a no-deal Brexit.

Why would it not be possible to offer it? No exlanation is given of course.

So, why?

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  1. You can tell that this is fear-mongering of the first water, as they knew in June 2016 what the referendum result was, so why would the school even offer something if they didn’t think they could deliver?

  2. I read “a qualification backed by the EU” as meaning the school receives funding from the EU. It would need extra if you’ve got recruit bilingqual maths teachers.

  3. “…with many believing …”

    Many people believe all kinds of weird stuff. Many remainers particularly seem to believe that the EU and the 27 other EU states are massive cnuts for some reason. Maybe it’s projection?

  4. The correct way to describe this idiocy is to say “If the EU are very stupid it appears possible that they might refuse to allow this school to continue teaching the EB in the event of a hard Brexit.” Since the accreditation is within the remit of one of the multitude of EU quangos.

    It’s rather similar to the claim that the EU has to have a hard border in the event of a hard Brexit at the Irish border. Except, they won’t. Because “it would be unthinkable”.

  5. What sort of person sends their children to “Europa School” to study for a “European baccalaureate”? Little Tony Blair wannabes I bet, who deserve all they get.

    I wouldn’t let my kids within a 100 miles of that sort of shit show. Imagine the brainwashing….

  6. If it’s an O-level or A-level equivalent, it’s a two-year course, so they are either morons, incompetent, or fraudulent to offer the course to any pupils from September 2016 onwards.

  7. The remain gang are increasingly desperate. If this Tuesday’s coup attempt can be seen off I think they will have shot their diseased wad.

    We need a Punishment and Retaliation Commission to punish them.

  8. It’s a free school, I thought the left thought those were evil and an expensive use of government money for privilege.

    The most amusing thing is the most recent annual report boasts of the results in “English grammer” (sic)

    The report also shows 3 of the senior staff also have spouses as teachers at the school, disclaimers of course that this was all above board.

  9. The UK needs a hard border after a hard Brexit unless it goes fully zero-tariff. That’s wto roolz, not EU. You can’t give one country privileged market access.

    I know a lot here would like unilateral free trade, but doubt it would go down well in Sunderland.


    C’mon, it’s an entire year group!

    The Guardian poured glitter all over this turd.

  11. BiG

    The UK will have a border with tariffs after Brexit. Whether this has to be a hard border with barriers is the bit that the EU is miffling about. As long as checks took place through electronic submission and spot checks, the non discrimination rules would not be broken.

  12. What kind of person? It’s in Culham, a mile from the JET project which has loads of EU citizen staff. They don’t want to put their kids in UK curriculum schools for a year or two then return to their home countries. It means they can hire a wider range of nuclear physicists. Possibly JET will lose EU funding, part of which covers the school.

    And of course it is not a real problem. The kids can go home.

    When my dad was in the army I got moved every couple of years. Nobody gave a toss, you had to get over it.

  13. Dammit Rhoda! You don’t understand the seriousness of this!

    ‘An entire year group at a European state school in Oxfordshire could be forced to abandon their education in the event of a no-deal Brexit, school leaders have said.’

    How can you leave the EU when it means a ‘year group’ will ‘be forced to abandon their education?’ Where is your sense of proportion?

    Wait. ‘Abandon their education?’ Can’t they just go to another school?

    And Britain is to make it’s decisions for national government based on the interests of a ‘year group?’

    ‘But Jowett said parents and students were desperate for clarity.’

    The whole damn nation is looking for it.

  14. @Ken,

    That would be the same way the Swiss-EU border works for goods, with electronic submission, and spot checks?


    Which doesn’t close at weekends or late at night at all?

    Oh, wait…

  15. @Bloke in Germany January 26, 2019 at 2:45 pm

    You can’t can give one country with a land border privileged market access for security reasons. That’s WTO rules

  16. On the school wants clarity – nothing to do with us. They must ask the Board of Governors of the intergovernmental organisation, “The European Schools” to be an Accredited European School

    Scaremongering non-story.

  17. Just *who* says they cannot take this third-class exam? Did Theresa May? Did Damian Hinds?
    Oh no! Someone much more important – Kathetrine Viner. All bow down.

  18. I like in Hartlepool. Is that close enough to Sunderland for our teuton friend? I’d be rather thrilled for the UK to spend the next few years adopting the Norway option and declaring no quotas or tariffs on legal products and services with the rest of the world.
    It would cause a heck of a problem for Ireland and by extension the EU – do they keep their own CET or not?

  19. Hundreds of schools around the world manage to offer the EB without being in the EU. Mostly in those places where racist Europeans go to plunder natural resources and can’t even bother to learn the local language much less send their kids to a local school.

  20. The school is no longer EU funded but a free school. The EB is way beyond A level: bilingual and 10-12 subjects studied. Who sends their children to the school? Intelligent, broad-minded people who want a free, superior education for their children.

  21. Because a
    EU accredited (not funded) schools are only allowed to run EB within Europe. To change to another qualification would involve intensive training of staff, who are already working above and beyond to keep the school open. Visit the place before judging!

  22. This being a European Union regulation. That the EB can only be offered within the EU.

    So, it’s our fault how?

  23. “Because a EU accredited (not funded) schools are only allowed to run EB within Europe. ”

    Thats good then, because the UK hasn’t moved and is still part of Europe. It might not be in the EU (hopefully) but Europe and the EU are not one and the same.

    And if its actually the case that EB schools are only permitted within the EU then thats not the fault of the UK, its the fault of the EU for being so small minded. Why don’t they want to spread EU ideals around the world?

  24. It might be the EU that will not allow the school to follow their curriculum. The school is not laying the blame at anyone’s feet, only looking for a solution for the students and parents who have brought into its unique system. These are people from all walks of life and backgrounds. A school’s job is to do the best for its pupils.

  25. Lefty word games.

    Xenophobia: ‘having or showing a dislike of or prejudice against people from other countries’

    Not wanting your country invaded is xenophobic.

    Not wanting strangers in your house is xenophobic. You can keep your front door locked without disliking or having a prejudice against strangers. Lefties want you to believe that locking your door makes you a bad person.

    Meahwhile, the Lefty paragons in Washington, DC, live behind walls, but they will fight to the death* to keep the country from having walls.

    Beth’s assertion is a phony baloney plastic banana.

    *Somebody else’s death; not theirs.

  26. The school is not laying the blame at anyone’s feet, only looking for a solution for the students and parents who have brought into its unique system.

    Sucks to be them.

    Meanwhile, I and many others are looking forward to getting our country back. Starting on Freedom Day, March the 29th.

  27. Why would you want to buy into an exclusionary system?

    And, in passing:
    “It might be the EU that will not allow the school to follow their curriculum.”
    After Brexit, WTF’s it got to do with the EU what curriculum a UK school follows? It will be, thankfully, beyond their remit.

  28. And it occurs. Just along the coast from me in Torremuelle is The British College. Some of my friends send their kids to it. It teaches to the UK A-Level curriculum in conjunction with Cambridge University. As far as I’m aware, it will be continuing to do so, Brexit or no Brexit.
    Why the hell would you want to be associated with such a spiteful xenophobic bunch of cvnts as the EU mystifies me.

  29. Seriously? Ignoramus springs to mind when I read these comments. What a bunch of blinkered, unintelligent and uneducated idiots.

  30. Methinks an arts graduate has spoken

    Looks like your common or garden remoaner to me: no arguments to speak of, so resorts to abuse which says far more about his prejudices than ours. He forgot “racist” though, so not even competent at that.

  31. Bloke in Wales, Wales is set to suffer after Brexit. No more subsidies for you. Bloke in Spain, enjoy your lack of reciprocal healthcare. Hope you do not come down with something nasty!

  32. What reciprocal healthcare? I live in Spain & buy Spanish health insurance. Whether it would cover me in the UK’s immaterial. I’ve no intention of going there.

  33. “Bloke in Wales, Wales is set to suffer after Brexit. No more subsidies for you.”

    Define “suffer,” shithead.

  34. “If Brexit happens, we shoot the children. Your choice”.

    HMG has a longstanding rule that it does not negotiate with terrorists.

  35. My kids went to this school until about 18 months ago. As Rhoda Klapp says it was setup to cater for children of scientists at Jet. However Jet is being run down and so the school could not continue as it was. So about two years ago it became a Free School. But rumours suggest that it’s financial stability is suspect, to put it mildly. It’s one of the factors that made us sell up and move to Guildford. It didn’t help that for reasons too complicated to go into here my wife had an argument with the then principal which left a nasty taste in the mouth.

    Anyhow I remember the subject of the EB was brought up at a parents evening (by me I think) and we were assured that this qualification would be recognised in English Universities, and that all the early teething troubles had been sorted out i.e. admissions tutors going WTF is one of these. Thus giving students a qualification which would be recognised all across Europe.

    Most of the concerns precede Brexit.

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