Yes, well done Natalie

Here, in the bloodlands of Belarus, I found hope for the future of Europe
Natalie Nougayrède


Minsk is, of course, outside the European Union, in a nation where a dictator rules, in something of a grey zone between Europe and Russia. Few people in western Europe know about Belarus, let alone have been there. Yet it should be prominent in our consciences. “Belarus was the worst place to be in world war two,” the historian Timothy Snyder once noted. In his book Bloodlands, Snyder recounts how 14 million people were murdered between 1933 and 1945 in an area that stretches from the Baltic sea to the Black sea, with Belarus worst affected: a quarter of its population were killed as a result of both Stalin’s and Hitler’s policies.

We ignore much about our continent’s history if we overlook the plight of this region, where the two totalitarian systems converged with horrific consequences – at once plotting together and competing as they laid claim to territory and exterminated those living there, or deported people there to die.

Yes, quite, the dream or European Unity is so supported by the slaughter of the two previous attempts at European Unity, isn’t it?

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  1. Oh come on, at least she’s being down on the failure of Socialism version 41.2.16b (Comrade J Stalin) as well as the failure of Socialism version 41.2.16a (Herr A. Hitler).

  2. Brings to mind the old Stalin quote (possibly apocryphal) that one death is a tragedy, a million is a statistic.

  3. Tim, clever and true point.
    “These places should rank prominently in our European minds”
    hey if your into history yes, fill your (jack)boots. But what else should be in “our European mind”? Ypres, Somme etc, already told us that war is nearly the the worst thing that can happen. Dunkirk tells us the Brits and commonwealth can’t defend Europe without the Yanks. Borodino told everyone don’t invade Russia, apparently some dunces needed Stalingrad too but its not clear that the next person intent on dominating Europe will have learnt that either. Minsk? Yeah if i ain’t heard of it i don’t want to have to die for it and holding a EU manifest destiny conference there won’t change my mind.

  4. It’s actually not bad by Guardian standards – Owen Jones (for example) would have omitted mentioning Stalinist atrocities entirely as would the likes of Gary Younge – probably two of the most evil journalists currently plying their trade in the UK today. However, that is the equivalent of saying I had a bowel movement which was not diarrhoea – still s^&t at the end of the day.

    ‘Yet I took back another, much more uplifting message from this trip: young people I met privately shared their hopes of breaking down barriers and connecting with their generation in other parts of Europe’

    There are a diminishing number of young Europeans, and with the growth of non-specific genders,sexual deviancy no longer able to be challenged, as well as abortion on demand up to 40 weeks being legalised across the continent, the numbers are likely to diminish. Then we consider who the demographically fastest growing ‘section’ of the population is and her hopes look even more forlorn. Almost every news item has a ‘fin de siecle’ feeling about it at the moment. It’s as people such as Steve point out (with a far greater eloquence and humour than I can hope to manage) we are reaping the whirlwind of Hard Left dominance of the zeitgeist over a period of decades – the results will not be pleasant.

  5. VP above is correct.

    The article is basic Gladrag cockrot.

    The EU is a re-working of socialist tyranny that hasn’t yet–and pray God never will–had a chance to turn as nasty as the various other socialists the article mentions.

    Without socialism–which the Gladrag loves–none of the Belarus slaughter would ever have happened at all.

  6. I suspect the youngsters of Belarus would do almost anything to be in the EU. Despite our loathing of it, it is a paradise compared to what they’ve got, especially the opportunity to move West.

  7. I wonder how enthusiastic Belarussians will be when the EU forces them to take in half a million Arab and African migrants, and cracks the whip when they dare to follow their own interests before those of the EU. Too late by then though.

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