A contract is a contract

A “piece of paper should not stand in the way” of women coming forward to make allegations of sexual harassment, one of Sir Philip Green’s accusers said on Saturday night.

This specific contract apparently stating – as an NDA – that you don’t make public accusations of sexual harassment. Seems fair enough that you keep it as you did sign it.

Worth noting that it doesn’t stop you making complaints to the police. Making a formal complaint, alleging criminal behaviour. For a contract which tries to do that doesn’t stand.

So, tell us all, why shouldn’t you stand by your word, your agreement?

13 thoughts on “A contract is a contract”

  1. Maybe the piece of paper she was referring to was the one (or many) with the picture of the queen on it that she accepted as compensation
    It seems like they are of the opinion that with the metoo movement stuff that Green won’t dare enforce the NDA, the end result of this could well be the end of this type of agreement if it’s seen not to be effective or enforceable, but she has her money so what does she care

  2. Intersting question. If you pay someone to keep their mouth shut and they don’t presumably you can sue. Has that ever actually happened?

  3. It is, of course, the alleged behaviour of Green.

    A woman employee accuses Green of something. Maybe it happened maybe not, maybe she is shit at her job, maybe not. Whatever it is, she isn’t running to the police about it. So an NDA, which probably binds both sides to silence, is signed and woman gets big fat payoff.

    Both sides know what they are signing.

    Should have been the end of it, absent criminal behaviour, which as has already been pointed out you can’t have a legal NDA over.

    The whole thing stinks of getting Green over pensions and tax and being rich. Can’t remember which cunt used parliamentary privilege to name Green but it was slimey and indefensible.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    It’s obvious she isn’t bound by the contract because contracts are the product of the CIS gendered white male patriarchy and designed to oppress women’s ability to exercise their own agency, innit.

  5. @Longrider


    I remember watching the interview in which the slimey cunt tried to claim that hiding behind parliamentary privilege to breach a court injunction was somehow about protecting women rather than what it really was, a chance to stick it to a rich, tax avoiding Jew.

  6. Peter Hain naming Green is the “unspeakable in pursuit of the uneatable”.

    Two viler cvnts it would be hard to find and both and both a rather lurid orange colour

  7. What BiND and Gamecock said. Women are nowadays seen as children – their word means nothing, they can be held to nothing, they have no responsibilities whatsoever.

  8. Sir Philip Green is a bombastic bully who laces charm with boorish menace

    Philip Green is not the unmitigated ogre he is often painted, but a mix of belligerence, naivety and at times a certain gruff charm.

    His moods are like the English weather. In every encounter I’ve had with the Topshop tycoon in the more than two decades I’ve known him, the climate has shifted from glowering storms to sunshine and back again with disconcerting rapidity. He can also be very, very funny, sometimes intentionally…


  9. A contract signed with a turd is still a contract?

    I’m not aware, even in Californication law, that there is a “void if the other signatories turn out to be pieces of shit” exemption.

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