Are there seriously adult women out there this deluded?

The big difference here seems to be that while the vagina has an obvious functional utility, the clitoris exists entirely for female pleasure. It seems that the issue stems, not from the provocative nature of a word, but our continued societal taboo regarding women daring to enjoy sex. Sure, we can see depictions of women shrieking with pleasure plastered all over any porn site. But that is exactly the point. Female sexual enjoyment remains exclusively in the realm of the forbidden.

Even the stuff about lie back and think of England wasn’t true at the time and it’s most certainly not true now.

Come along now, be serious, any society with 50 shades of white we can apply to the bathroom walls is not trying to hide nor deny female sexual enjoyment.

23 thoughts on “Are there seriously adult women out there this deluded?”

  1. Is it because most FGM involves removing the Labia and not the clitoris? In which case we’d have to be talking about male genital mutilation too. Does she want to open that can of worms?

  2. To paraphrase “Walter” of “My Secret Life” fame (if memory serves) perhaps this female should have her eyes transplanted down to the barrel of her genital organ. Like loadsa feministos she might as well literally look out of her cunt as merely being confined to doing so metaphorically. Aside from short bursts when the blood is up so to speak it really isn’t of that much interest not even to other owners of said qrgan let alone occasional visitors.

  3. Yes. The female orgasm is entirely hidden from mainstream culture whereas you can’t move for depictions of the male organsm….

    …in which alternate universe exactly?

    I mean, there’s whole mainstream magazines like Cosmopolitan with acres of page space devoted to female sexual pleasure, how to have the best orgasms and so on, whereas I can’t imagine any lad mag, either now or back in the day, discussing fapping technique. Describing how to give a female mattress dancing partner pleasure though? Yup. Saw that in there back in the day too.

    So I have no idea what planet these writers are living on, cos it’s not this one….

  4. The whole article was a load of conflated bollocks hinting that white middle class women were supposedly being sexually repressed, the proof being that nut-jobs went around carving up women.

    Of course no actual mention in the article that FGM is almost exclusively a northern crazy African (it the widest sense) thing and that it doesn’t happen to white women and no white men suggest it should. Nor any mention that it is crazy women who perform the butchery so it’s really pushing it to suggest this is misogyny.

  5. .”Lucy McCormick is a Guardian editorial data analyst.”

    So Lucy’s mined deep enough to know the perpetrators aren’t really the core readership.

    Lucy: (got to write something…. hmm i know…)
    “ha that shocked you didn’t it? Well here’s where i can help, Get over it people!”
    (will this do Ed?)

    Thanks Lucy.

  6. I’ve said it before, but the Guardian is suffering under a delusion that Britain is a perpetual 1950s sitting room. Nothing in the paper makes sense until you realise that.

  7. “You fvcking landica” somehow does not for me convey the same sense of outrage I wish to express when I say “you fvcking cvnt”

  8. @abacab – February 21, 2019 at 11:08 am

    I mean, there’s whole mainstream magazines like Cosmopolitan with acres of pao ge space devoted to female sexual pleasure, how to have the best orgasms and so on,

    ISTR the idea that:

    “Cosmopolitan” wrote pages on how to have a good orgasm,

    “Vogue” wrote pages on how to have a stylish orgasm, and

    “Womans Own” wrote pages on how to knit one…


  9. C4 had a programme on the other day called “100 Vaginas”.

    You’d think that that would be an interesting show, but after 10 minutes of being told similar guff to this Guardian article I turned it off.

  10. Doesn’t mean the same thing either. Fcking landica is fcking clitoris and fcking cunnus is fcking cunt. Although OED and others desperately try to insist that the derivation of the last isn’t from the penultimate.

  11. ‘Nothing in the paper makes sense until you realise that.’

    And their writers are 8 year olds.

    In the U.S., we have spent trillions to cleanup the environment and cut pollution sources. We did a great job. LA no longer has a pall of smog over it. Rivers don’t burn anymore.

    Yet the press talks about the environment like it’s still 1950. Preening politicians demand “cleaner air,” and the press never says, “Uhh . . . we’ve already taken care of that.”

  12. “Seen one, seen them all.”

    If that’s what you think then you must have seen only one. In my experience they range from resembling a paper cut up to a rip in a horsehair armchair.

  13. @Jonathon,
    FGM involves the removal of approximately 2/3 of the clitoris. Any more and there is a danger of the victim, and they really are victims, dying from loss of blood as the vein is cut. This act is done to prevent the female having an enjoyable experience during the sex act. The Muslim philosophy is that the woman is there to provide sexual pleasure for the male, and nothing more. That is why Muslim men are allowed to bugger young boys or have sex with lambs, goats, or sheep.
    The labia is sewn up to reduce the opening of the vulva, the entrance to the vagina, as the tightness enhances the male’s pleasure. The fact that it causes pain to the female, and life threatening circumstances when giving birth, is irrelevant. The sexual pleasure of the male is all encompassing.
    It has been said that giving themselves the acronym ISIS is understandable. Islamic Sexual Inadequacy Syndrome may be the reason they are so angry and hate Western society, where the giving of pleasure to a woman is part of the sex act.
    Perhaps Mohammed’ s version of the Haynes manual of living their life should be updated?

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