As we know Ritchie invented this

So obviously, it won’t work:

Whatever Alexandria’s Aims Ocasio Cortez’s Green New Deal Won’t Work

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is to reveal the details of her Green New Deal in the next few days – the one thing we absolutely know about this being that it won’t work. This isn’t a commentary upon climate change nor the desirability of doing something about it. This is just a simple statement of fact about the universe we inhabit. As with the climate the economy is a complex, even chaotic, thing. Plans to substantially reform it therefore don’t work, no matter how egghead the planners nor pure in motive the instigators.

3 thoughts on “As we know Ritchie invented this”

  1. One thing as become abundantly clear about Alexandria Occasional-Cortex is that she is, without the shadow of a doubt, the bastard child of Richard Murphy. It may not be a biological fact, but it is an intellectual one nonetheless.

  2. Dennis, on the money.

    It is tragic that a fact-free, know-nothing, vacuous non-entity, political child should awaken such a following and not be subjected to the most virulent ridicule. Her heart must be in the right place or summat otherwise why is she not only being given a free ride but is actually being touted as a rising star. So we have to be careful how we deal with her and attack her the right way to avoid making her a victim.

    She dances? Alex for Presi!

    A sad comment on our times:
    Free stuff!

  3. Isn’t Murphy’s brainchild the New Green Deal rather than the Green New Deal? Vast intellectual gulf. Or possibly vacuum.

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