Because the Greeks are idiots

North Macedonia: Why does a country change its name?

Questions In The BBC We Can Answer

14 thoughts on “Because the Greeks are idiots”

  1. Bloke no Longer in FYROM

    I think it sounds like a tube station, somewhere on the exotic fringes of the Metro or Central lines.

    Tsipras only just survived a confidence vote in Parliament on the issue.

  2. Because the Greek mythos can’t hack the reality that Greece was another of Alexander’s many conquests.

    Their latest conquest by Merkel and the European Central Bank should be of more concern, I would think.

  3. Only in the land of the Euroweenie, where it’s the big stuff that everyone concentrates on.

    Should have changed it to ‘Fred’. Short, easy to remember, and easy to spell.

  4. How many countries covet this parcel of land? Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia, Greece… I’d stay well away from this issue. Similar things caused Ww1 to break out

  5. The BBC and our other bastions of PC-speak would instantly remove all references to ‘Philippines’, just as they have with Chennai and Beijing. Yet, oddly, they still don’t refer to Paree, München, Roma or Venezia.

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