Blimey, this woman an elephant?

Hannah Donaghue, now 29, from Northampton, bumped into Ben Fagan a manager for Royal Mail, now 30, at a party in 2010 – and one thing led to another.

Neither were prepared for what was in store, as their night together resulted in Hannah falling pregnant for the third time – with three babies.

But despite being together a matter of weeks when they found out she was expecting, both decided they were ready to give their relationship – and parenthood – a shot.

At 10 weeks, a doctor had suggested terminating one of the triplets to give the other two a better chance of surviving, but the couple refused.

The couple welcomed their adorable trio via Caesarean at 32 weeks in October last year.

Sex in 2010 led to a birth in 2018? Even elephants are faster than that, aren’t they?

7 thoughts on “Blimey, this woman an elephant?”

  1. All of Hannah’s children were conceived while she was on the contraceptive pill

    Darwinian selection for mothers who are immune to the contraceptive pill.

  2. On the plus side she went ahead and had the triplets, against the advice of the envy of world and he’s going to stay with her.

    Minor pluses I know, but as Jordan Peterson says you’ve got to start with small steps.

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