But, but, services must be universal!

Middle class parents should lose their free nursery hours because the Government’s flagship policy is “entrenching inequality”, a select committee has said.

Under the policy, working parents who earn up to £100,000 between them are entitled to 30 hours of free childcare for three to four-year-olds, which is double the 15 hours they were previously entitled to.

The multi-billion pound taxpayer funded scheme, which came into force in September 2017, was aimed at encouraging parents to get back into work rather than getting put off by prohibitive childcare costs.

But MPs on the education select committee found that the policy has given a boost to affluent families while leading to “perverse” consequences…

We must all use the NHS because a service only for the poor will be bad. We must abolish private schools because only when the middle classes must use public education will their pressure raise standards.

Double standards, who’d have any without them?

15 thoughts on “But, but, services must be universal!”

  1. “But MPs on the education select committee found that the policy has given a boost to affluent families while leading to “perverse” consequences…”

    This presumably was entirely unforeseeable?

  2. I assume we need to get middle-class women back into the workplace asap and this is the sort of bribe it takes. Entrenching inequality is an argument also used against Sure Start – colonised by the sort of people it wasn’t meant for. Why don’t we leave the disadvantaged to their state-run services and give everyone else a voucher that can be used to mitigate the cost of a private nursery, school, hospital…old folks home.

  3. Scrapping the subsidy would entrench the inequality between the poor, who get every benefit under the sun, and the middle-class, who don’t.

    Some of us are still smarting from the axing of child benefit for higher earners.

  4. Inequality?

    It’s evil. Bloody capitalist evil.

    Do you know, I try and eliminate it round where I live. Every time the bloke over the road buys a new car, I buy one too. That’s equality. But then after a few months, the bastard buys another one! There should be a law against it!

  5. “All men are born with different capabilities; if they are free, they are not equal; if they are equal, they are not free.” – Solzhenitsyn

  6. As with many of my ilk, educated by socialist parents, in a succession of church schools, via Sunday school (the pulpit), the boy scouts, military, I get our ‘obligation to the poor’ thingy, not leaving slower members of the team behind and carrying their pack, but when did it become mandatory that everyone obsess quite so much about the bottom 20pct?

  7. *Nobody*, but nobody should get free nursery hours – tax-deductible from Mum’s wages, probably but not *free*. If the pre-tax reward from work net of travelling expenses doesn’t cover the childcare costs then there is no net benefit from Mum going out to work and the country, not just herself, is better off from her staying at home.
    If some middle-class women would rather commute to a cushy office job than look after their brats and pay for the privilege, I am not stopping them, but why should *you and I* pay for it?

  8. There’s no need at all for such a rude rant, John 77. Just because you are right is no justification for such aggression against middle-class mums. I’ll set that Shami-whatsherface onto you.

  9. @john77 – free nursery hours.

    You probably think it’s throwing yet more money away but, given the two of us have already spent a small fortune subsidising Mum’s university education and post graduate training, and now face having to import, house and feed a replacement, it might be better/cheaper just to pay for said nursery hours.

  10. Even mildly successful or hard working?

    Line up over there and give us all your money. There are less successful and less hard working people who need it. Because justice and equality.

  11. @ Bernie G
    If the job isn’t worth the cost of the nursery hours it’s not worth importing a replacement. Just leave the worthless “job” undone. If the job actually matters, someone will pay more than one-quarter of a child-minder’s wages.

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