Calling BiS

Lucia Palacios, 22, was consistently top of her class at home in Maracay, Venezuela. Her grades were so good she gained a place at one of the country’s then coveted medical schools, training to become a specialist nurse.

But today Ms Palacios – not her real name – is working as a prostitute, selling sexual favours to British and German holidaymakers on the Costa del Sol.

She is one of 208,333 Venezuelans that the Spanish authorities record as having fled the failed central american state for Spain over the last few years.

The true figure is thought to be much higher and many educated women, like Ms Palacios, have been forced into prostitution to make ends meet.

Is there an observable increase in Venezuelanas?

9 thoughts on “Calling BiS”

  1. She’ll be well placed to discover if they’ve got the clap, then. Bugger if they can’t find her clitoris – she’ll be able to find their prostates!

  2. Read the same story, myself. Well, at least the photo of Avenida las Palmeras is actually in Benalmadena.
    No, not really. Or if there has been, it’s been over a longer time scale than I’ve been in Spain. Top of the tree for numbers for S.Americans still has to be Brasilians, followed by Colombians, I’d say. Interestingly, Paraguayas seem to be making a strong showing of late. And those last two countries’s economies have been S.American leaders. Although how much of that economic benefit trickles down to the barrios, is another matter. Maybe sufficient to put putas on airliners to Europe?
    “Forced” into prostitution? Don’t think I’ve ever met a girl who was “forced” into prostitution. Other than in the sense that she needs money & it’s a way of making money requires minimal work. They are an incredibly lazy bunch. Hard enough to motivate them to get out of bed long enough to enable them to get back to bed on paid time. I’d believe “forced” if they didn’t spend quite so much money on enhancement surgery, hairstyling, nail art, cosmetics, clothes & coca.
    Guardalhorce industrial estate is certainly a notable Malaga feature. Not the least for having the wholesalers I buy a lot of stuff from. Maybe some of the girls hang around there daytimes are S. Americans. I’ve never asked. Night-times it’s a seething mass of Nigerianias with a strong showing of Romanians. Positively frightening & best avoided. Although there’s a big nightclub there, hosts around fifty girls at outrageous prices, attracts the more stupid Brits.

  3. By the way, full marks to Joe Wallen there. He’s paid for his winter sunshine break & his bit of Venezolana nookie. Purely research? Just journalism? Yeah, right. You get to have long conversations with latina whores without the meter running. Of course you do.

  4. Ecksy- more cash obv. The going rate for a blowjob is probably down to a rabbit drumstick* in Venezuela by now. Far better rewarded in Europe.

    *I jest of course. I’m sure it’s much less than that.

  5. Why do any of us go all the way to the Costa del Sol, Mr Ecks? It’s a question I ask myself every morning…before the scantily dressed wenches serve breakfast.

  6. When I lived in Hong Kong there were loads of Filipinas with degrees and doctorates working there, but as housemaids, and they were usually there for about ten years to save up a big lump of money so they could afford to go back home and work for the pittance they got back there.

  7. And the cow man on our local dairy farm is a fully qualified Romanian vet. But he can earn more sticking on milkers and sweeping shit in the UK.

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